zkSync 2.0 announces mainnet development roadmap

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2022-07-20 18:40:44

Ethereum’s Layer-2 scaling solution ZkSync has just announced the zkEVM mainnet development roadmap that will take place in the next 3 months.

zkSync 2.0 announces mainnet development roadmap

ZK- Rollup (or Zero-Knowledge Rollup) is the scaling technology used by Layer-2, helping users to make transactions faster, at a much cheaper cost than the Ethereum mainnet.

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According to an announcement from Matter Labs (the unit behind development for zkSync), the mainnet for an EVM-compatible solution – zkSync 2.0 – is in the process of being rolled out. This project is expected to become the first Zk security solution compatible with Ethereum’s virtual machine system.

“For the past 1 year, we have worked hard to solve the scaling problem for Ethereum and drive new application developments.

We are pleased to introduce zkSync 2.0 – the first zkEVM Rollup solution – which will officially launch on mainnet in the next 100 days.”

Accordingly, zkSync will support Solidity and Vyper, two application development languages ​​that are compatible with the mechanism of EVM. The above announcement also confirms that zkSync 2.0 will be compatible with many older versions of the solution in the past, making it easier for developers and projects to upgrade to a newer version.

The mainnet is expected to be deployed in 3 steps. The first phase will begin in November without external projects. This phase will include verification steps and is followed by Phase 2 – alpha version. The final phase will be full mainnet deployment by the end of 2022.

Today’s announcement does not include any information regarding zkSync tokens. Previously, many Layer-2 solutions such as Optimism or Starknet announced the development of a separate token for the ecosystem.

In addition, also tonight (July 20), Polygon also announced the deployment of a version of zk compatible with its EVM (zkEVM) system.

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