YouTuber upgraded RTX 3070 memory to 16GB, double the original manufacturer’s specs

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2021-03-24 18:18:44

Finding a new Nvidia RTX 3070 card in the current context is difficult, to own the same GPU but with 16GB of memory is probably impossible. The reason is that this product does not exist, the official specification that Nvidia gives for this line of cards is only 8GB. Yet, the Russian YouTuber VIK-on successfully performed such an “impossible task”.

Recently on his YouTube channel, he has uploaded 2 videos recording the extremely detailed and meticulous modifications of the Palit GamingPro GeForce RTX 3070 GPU model. In it, the first video shows the step-by-step implementation as well as the tests that VIK-on conducted. In the remaining video, he shows viewers how to fix the problems he is finding with the world’s only 16GB RTX 3070 card so far.

The first step is to replace the modules to increase memory capacity.

The first step that VIK-on has taken is to replace the modules. Specifically, he replaced 1GB GDDR6 memory modules (K4Z803256C-HC14) into 2G GDDR6 modules (K4ZAF3258M-HC14), all made by Samsung. This graphics card has a total of 8 modules, which means that after the upgrade, its VRAM has magically transformed into 16GB.

Currently, there is no way to easily tweak the BIOS manually. Nvidia even asked its partners to pass them through every BIOS modification. Because of this, we can’t simply use a new BIOS, especially when no GeForce model owns GA104GPU and 16GB of memory.

After the upgrade is completed, the graphics card must be “fooled” to support a higher memory capacity. Each Nvidia card model has a special strap settings that, if properly installed, will notify the BIOS to support a new memory configuration. For example, the wiring set to 00000 bit is setting up the RAM configuration with a Samsung 8Gb module (1GB), while 00001 stands for Micron. The configuration that supports 16Gb modules is 00110, which was discovered by VIK-on after a long process of investigation, trial and failure.

YouTuber upgraded RTX 3070 memory to 16GB, double the original manufacturer's specs - Photo 2.

How to install strap settings so that the BIOS supports 16GB modules.

After all, this YouTuber’s card was correctly recognized by the software as a 16GB RTX 3070. Besides, it can work well in Furmark, 3DMark, and even used to “mine” digital money. However, this card is still not really stable and will sometimes cause random black screen situations. A temporary fix is ​​to let 2 software run in parallel. That is why VIK-on completed our test on Time Spy while leaving Furmark running in the background.

The whole process of upgrading RTX 3070 graphics card from 8GB to 16GB by Russian YouTuber VIK-on.

The second video provides a solution provided by the viewers on VIK-on’s YouTube channel. Accordingly, the software to adjust the EVGA Precision graphics card can solve the problem of lack of stability of this card. Currently, with Furmark running in the background, the 16GB RTX 3070 scores 13783 in 3DMark Time Spy, and 4914 points in the Unigine Superposition 8K Optimized test. Both results are slightly better than the model RTX 3070 Founders Edition. This confirms that the upgrade has been officially completed.

Here’s how to fix the instability error of the new card.

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