With “review” the new Samsung Galaxy A, you will know what is “comprehensive smartphone for young people”

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2021-03-25 17:32:39

Born to be a smartphone for the younger generation, unlike other mid-range phones, Galaxy A Series is always identified with the ability to rank up the user experience with outstanding features in the segment. Typical can be mentioned as Galaxy A7 / A9 opening the trend of super wide angle travel photography. Or recently, Galaxy A51 / A71 has successfully become a “national” phone model and sparked creativity with unique macro art.

Following this success, Galaxy A52 / A72 – the latest representatives of generation A – promises to retain creative DNA by breaking barriers, to bring a smart smartphone in every way for young user.

Possessing a good-looking look with a stylish contemporary color scheme is an attractive highlight that makes GenZ fall in love with the design of the 2021 generation Galaxy A. Minimalist art from the flagship Galaxy S21, the Galaxy A52 / A72 duo is somewhat more elegant, suitable for a youthful and dynamic lifestyle.

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The hidden / visible camera cluster on the matte back with innovative colors brings a high-end, interesting feeling for those who experience the super product for the first time. Seamless harmonious design makes the overall dorsal surface extremely eye-catching, outstanding, creating a confident personality for each young person when holding. The sophistication in the design of this smartphone duo is also reflected in the soft curves but no less luxurious hardware that enhances the ability to use comfortably and persistently every day.

Strongly improving content creation, becoming the leading tool to express the ego of the young generation in the 4.0 era, Galaxy A 2021 is heavily invested in video recording and photography. Inheriting the power of its predecessors, Galaxy A52 / A72 continues to promote diversity in every frame while offering a full quartet of cameras from ultra-wide angle to close-up for maximum creativity. Not only that, Galaxy A72 is also favorably owning a 3X telephoto camera, becoming an inspiration for young people to enjoy more attractive new angles with guaranteed quality.

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The shooting experience on the Galaxy A52 / A72 is even more breakthrough when Samsung has favorably equipped with this super camera with the OIS optical stabilization system – which only appears on flagship phones. This pioneering step not only affirms its leading position in technology but also gives users complete peace of mind about sharp, low-light photos, and action movies. should be perfectly smooth to meet the increasing demand for creative content quality.

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Along with that, Galaxy A52 / A72 also owns a series of innovative features “branded” Samsung such as Single Take capture, night photography or AR Amoji unique mode break. With the help of AI artificial intelligence, young users not only easily get beautiful moments, but also freely create and express their own colorful personalities with artistic frames. technique.

Understanding the spirit of youthful enthusiasm, breaking barriers in creativity, Galaxy A generation 2021 offers the ability to work enduringly in many different situations. Equipped with IP67 water resistance, Galaxy A72 is the pioneer in the segment with high-end features that allow it to work even in bad weather conditions. In particular, the summer is coming to the blue sea beckoning will definitely be a suitable “fire test” place, for Galaxy A72 to become a reliable companion for each GenZ in the forest trips to the sea.

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Along with this spirit, Galaxy A 2021 is favorably equipped with trendy 5G connectivity, which is also the true future of the technology industry. With fast transmission and low latency, young users have been given powerful equipment to be always confident, ready for high-speed data connection, to catch up with global trends. In addition, the powerful hardware combined with a 90Hz or even 120Hz screen with the Galaxy A52 5G version is the complete highlight to fulfill the goal of serving the best for the maximum experience from work. to entertainment.

Super product Galaxy A52 & A72 officially appeared in Vietnam on March 18, 2021 with many colors catching new trends including Personality Black, Dynamic White, Creative Blue, Fashion Purple.

The suggested retail prices for the 128GB Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 256GB versions are: VND 9,290,000 and VND 10,290,000 respectively.

256GB Galaxy A72 version has a suggested retail price of 11,490,000 VND.

Galaxy A52 5G 128GB version will be launched in Vietnam during April, 2021.

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