Windows 11 “caught” hackers “guess passwords”

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2022-08-06 08:14:40

Not all threats to your computer are caused by viruses or phishing emails. There are some people who just try to break into other people’s computers by “guessing the password”, that is, logging in many times with different passwords.

This is called a “brute-force” attack, a common “jailbreak” method. Usually, bad guys will “guess the username and password” to gain unauthorized access to the system.

Experts warn that the “brute-force” attack method is simple, but has a high success rate. In fact, it depends on the length and complexity of the password, cracking a password can take from a few seconds to many years. As a result, websites that use password-based login methods are completely vulnerable to attack if adequate protections are not taken.

“Windows 11 can now prevent that,” technology site Digital Trends quoted Microsoft’s statement as saying. The latest version of Windows 11 blocks these attacks with an “account lockout” policy. The operating system will automatically lock accounts, including administrator accounts, after 10 failed login attempts.

According to Microsoft, with the account lock policy, Microsoft stops hackers from illegally infiltrating users’ computers with brute-force attacks. The attacker will be locked out after 10 failed attempts to guess the password and this only happens after a few seconds.

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