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2021-03-28 13:25:29

Latest Update 04/2019. The Existing Exchange DOREMI volume is very low, so CHK recommends that you do not use this floor to buy, sell or trade.

Trading Platforms Buy and Sell BTC, ETH, USDT, … In Vietnam – Automatic Update


DOREMI Co., Ltd specializes in financial investment and consultancy with the head office located at:


Founded in 2016 by MR LEE WAN, we have earned millions of dollars in investment from leading businesses. With a strong foundation, we have gathered technology and business professionals from the world’s leading organizations to come together into a powerful resource that enables us to provide secure, stable transaction services. and reliable through internet and mobile solutions.

Marking the development in the field of technology 4.0, DOREMI exchange was born, promising to bring many outstanding developments in financial transactions.

As the most complete Vietnamese translation session, DOREMI Digital Asset Exchange is considered by us to be a leading digital asset exchange in Vietnam, providing state-of-the-art financial services for Vietnamese traders using blockchain technology.

With this Vietnamese table session, DOREMI will provide hundreds of trading pairs and symbols in the nearest time to help traders in Vietnam optimize their strategies. We are sure to be one of the leading digital asset exchanges by volume in Vietnam, serving millions of users participating in the digital asset sector in Vietnam.

In order to bring peace of mind and convenience to investors in Vietnam, DOREMI Company authorized Van Tam Thien Technology Investment and Trading Co., Ltd 140, Nguyen Hoang, An Phu Ward, District 2. , Ho Chi Minh City is the representative of DOREMI in Vietnam to support consulting and solving problems arising for investors when participating in transactions with DOREMI.


Security is always our top priority. DOREMI integrates the most advanced technology standards to provide a secure, reliable and stable environment for digital asset transactions through a web interface and mobile application with 2-tier authentication encryption, distributed server clusters. We also acquire and develop services according to customers’ needs and recommendations to bring the best trading experience to customers.


Everyone can join our system to develop a prosperous future together.

To support the trading community in Vietnam, we have built a system of brokerage agents to help everyone participate to develop careers and increase income spikes in the short term, creating prosperity in the future

The advantages of DOREMI floor

Do not incur double costs when trading on DOREMI: Because it is the first exchange that has a Vietnamese panel integrated with tools and utilities exclusively for Vietnamese traders. The trading unit on the floor is VNDT with value equivalent to VND. Traders can directly transfer money from their bank accounts through the exchange’s conversion processing system (completely anonymous and free) to top up a DOREMI wallet account in the form of VNDT. Therefore, traders do not have to pay for using VND to buy USDT. Similarly, when there is a need to withdraw VNDT from the exchange to a bank account, the cost of withdrawing money is almost negligible (just equal to the fee for transferring the bank’s account)

Integrating reputable coins that are favored by many Vietnamese traders: DOREMI always evaluates and chooses to integrate good coins and is always loved by Vietnamese traders through user surveys.

There is a plan to integrate a variety of quality altcoins: In order to increase the diversity of transactions on the exchange, DOREMI plans to seamlessly integrate quality altcoins and transact directly via VNDT. This helps traders to reduce their dependence on Bitcoin or USDT, and save costs for the conversion of coins.

DOREMI is a private trading platform for Vietnamese traders, with 24/7 customer care service in Vietnam.

DOREMI has a full desktop and mobile web board session and App version for traders to choose from

DOREMI allows traders to trade directly from VND through VNDT without conversion fees

DOREMI exchange fees

Deposit and withdrawal fees

DOREMI is completely free when depositing on the exchange. Withdrawal fees are calculated depending on the coin you withdraw. Especially if you withdraw money with VNDT your fee is charged at the bank fee (very low)

See details at: https://doremi.io/fees

Transaction fee

Currently DOREMI applies transaction fee 0.35% for all transactions. Except for purchases and sales USDT transaction fee is 0.3% (It looks high, but if you recalculate you will not have to pay fees when converting from VND to USDT. This is the most headache fee that Vietnamese traders have to bear at the moment when trading on exchanges)

DOREMI account registration instructions

Signing up for a DOREMI account is very simple, first click on the link below to register


Fill out the required information

Stick to the capcha code

Stick to the box agree to the terms

Then you click on the red registration tab.

Go to the registered email box, check your mail to receive the link to activate your account and steps to verify your account information.

Note: Check the Spam section as well

So you have successfully registered for a DOREMI account, very simple. Now, log in to your account and I will guide you through the two-factor security setup, verify your identity for your account, and register your bank account information.

Two-factor security setting (2FA)

To turn on two-layer security for your account, you have to access


This will appear a QR code for you to scan. And enter the code, click the red tab to turn on security

If authenticating by phone, enter the phone number to receive SMS then enter the code and press the red button.

Verify the DOREMI account

Note: You need to verify your account before making a transaction deposit

To verify, you need to have a photo Passport / ID card, then go to Verification to fill in the verification information. You may need to wait a few days for your account to be reviewed and upgraded.

DOREMI’s agency policy – SHARE FOR SUCCESS

  • Sharing is to help friends
  • Sharing is for you to get more back
  • Sharing is to create a prosperous future together

When you join DOREMI’s agency system, you will receive many benefits that are never available in other exchanges.

  • Register and activate your account successfully, you will receive a voucher worth 2 million VND in your account. This voucher value will be calculated by DOREMI in the transaction fee for you when conducting transactions on DOREMI floor.
  • You will receive a referral link to share with your friends. For each member who successfully opens an account and trades on DOREMI, you will be paid a transaction fee up to 2 levels by DOREMI (The policy is only available at DOREMI floor until now).

Specifically: when account A introduces account B to participate in transactions on DOREMI. Account A will be paid a 7% referral commission by DOREMI on the transaction fee of account B. If account B introduces account C to register for transactions on DOREMI, account A will be paid a commission by DOREMI 3. %, account B will be paid 7% by DOREMI on the transaction fee of account C

  • The policy of paying commission fees to the brokerage agent is valid for 1 year from the time the referral account is successfully activated on the DOREMI floor.

How to get the referral link: After successfully registering an account, go to the BROKER AGENCY section and copy your referral link to share with your friends.

Special winning program

    • Immediately donating VND 2,000,000 to your account when registering to open a trading account on DOREMI
    • The SPECIAL program offers a BMW car to the trader with the highest total trading volume
    • Foreign travel program with family for the top 19 TOP traders
    • Referral link: 1 time referral to receive bonus 1 year according to the brokerage agent policy
    • To find out more details please visit http://doremi.io

Good luck!

This is an advertising article, all content in the article is on the client’s side, not compiled or reviewed by CHK, readers should carefully research the information before taking action, the virtual currency blog will not be responsible for any damage caused by readers to trust or use the content in the article.


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