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2021-12-28 03:51:31

Today, let’s learn about Saros Finance with BTA – a new rookie in the Crypto village that is highly expected on the Solana ecosystem.

What is Saros Finance (SAROS)?

Saros Finance, built on the ecosystem Solana, is an “all-in-one” multi-purpose DeFi project possessing many unique features.

Currently Saros Finance is being developed by the Coin98 Labs team with the goal of becoming a hub DeFi overview.

Saros Finance (SAROS)

Saros Finance operates with 4 products: “SarosSwap (AMM), SarosFarm (Pool), SarosStake (Staking) and SarosPad (Launchpad)”, in which SarosSwap plays the core role of the project.

Here I will talk about 3 key products: SarosSwap, SarosFarm and SarosPad.

Outstanding advantages of Saros Finance

To be able to attract developers and users Coming to the ecosystem, the Saros Finance team has built many protocols with a tightly linked super network.

saros finance

There are 5 advantages of Saros Finance that I really like:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface, so it’s very accessible to newbies
  • SarosSwap has extremely fast processing speed with very low latency even when processing many large transactions
  • Low transaction execution fee
  • Products of Saros Finance has high security
  • Scalability and tight integration of products

saros . interface

Set of 3 products of Saros Finance

SarosSwap (AMM)

As I said above, SarosSwap has extremely fast processing speed with low latency even when processing large batches of transactions.

As Saros Finance is aiming to be open platform, anyone can create liquidity at SarosSwap.

sarosswap interface

SarosSwap supports tokens on Solana’s network (SPL Token), enabling users to swap tokens easily and conveniently.

SarosSwap will maximize price capture, attracting retail investors to the platform.

Technically speaking, SarosSwap uses the function x*y=k, just like other AMMs on the market like Uniswap, PancakeSwap…but what sets SarosSwap apart from its competitors is that it focuses more on UX/UI and Gamification, which sets SarosSwap apart from the rest.

SarosFarm (Pool)

SarosFarm has a mission to entice and attract liquidity providers.

SarosFarm will simplify and speed up the liquidity launch process, while encouraging new projects to build on Solana.

SarosFarm has a “platform aggregator”, which will help users farm and receive incentives from various pools to effectively increase profits.

SarosPad (Launchpad)

SarosPad’s mission is to attract investors and launch many high-quality projects by supporting projects to raise capital and support launches through SCO (Strong Commitment Offering).

With SCO, users need to commit LP token pairs tied to SAROS in order to receive project tokens back.

More and more expanding

Saros Finance will not only be limited to the above products, developers will also build many other features and will continue to branch out into many different protocols to meet the needs of users in the future. future.

saros . products

In addition to the above three products, Saros Finance also has SarosStake (Staking) – helping users stake tokens to earn rewards.


Key Metrics Saros Token:

  • Token Name: Saros token.
  • Ticker: Update…
  • Blockchain: Solana.
  • Token Standard: SPL.
  • Contract: Update…
  • Token Type: Update…
  • Total Supply: Update…
  • Circulating Supply: Update…

Token Allocation:


SAROS token use case:

  • Supply liquidity
  • Gamification
  • Airdrop
  • Strong Commitment Offerings (SCO)
  • Staking tokens
  • Hold Tokens
  • Earn Fees
  • Govern

Token Sale




Storage wallet:

Development team:

The project is built and developed by: Coin98 Labs

Investment funds:

SAROS is receiving great attention from leading investment funds today, including “Solana, Alameda Research, K300 Ventures, Impossible Finance, Asymm Ventures, Genblock capital, Spartan, GBV, #HASHED, Cryptomind”

backer saros


With the above products and specifications, I believe Saros Finance will be a formidable DeFi project in the world Solana Ecosystem next time.

Let’s wait and see how Saros Finance will develop.

Thus, I introduced you to the Saros Finance project as well as the product sets in the project. If you have any questions, please contact me via BTA fanpage Please.

Read more about Saros Finance here: https://saros.finance/

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