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2021-12-27 09:48:04

What is Rally (RLY)?

Rally is a platform that allows creators, celebrities, and brands to launch their own social tokens, aka creator coins.

Most importantly, Rally allows creators to build their own custom social token-powered business models and share the economy with their fans.

How does Rally work?

The Creator’s Problem

  • There are many issues between creators and social media platforms right now. While driving the platform’s value and interactivity, creators face problems such as lack of control in the relationship with fans (fans), economic underdevelopment, changes in unemployment policies, etc. normal and censored.
  • Rally opens up new monetization opportunities for creators and creates connections with fans. Rally also empowers creators to let fans share the value created around their brand.

Social Token

  • These are digital cryptocurrencies that represent the creator’s brand, organization or community. Token generation encapsulates interactions within a given community allowing for better monetization models and better economic linkages among participants.

Minting: While it has been possible to mine Social Tokens on Ethereum for a while, Rally is designed to solve some of the fundamental problems faced by creators interested in crypto:

  • Automated Liquidity: Rally’s token bonding curve design increases network-wide liquidity for any individual Creator Coin, reducing complexity for fans and creators.
  • Easy Cryptocurrency Conversion: Fans, especially newbies or newbies to crypto, can join the creator’s token community with their credit or debit card in just a few clicks.
  • Low Fees: Rally’s sidechain significantly reduces transaction and gas fees, making participation attractive and accessible to everyone on a daily basis.
  • Fair Token Distribution: Simplified token distribution and a balanced model between creators and fans based on demand and usage.

RLY Tokenomics

Key Metrics

  • Ticker: RLY.
  • Blockchain Ethereum.
  • Standard Tokens: ERC-2.0.
  • Token Type: Utilities.
  • Contract: 0xf1f955016EcbCd7321c7266BccFB96c68ea5E49b.
  • Total Supply: 15 billion RLY.
  • Circulation supply: RLY 1.97 billion.

Token Allocation

  • Community (Network usage rewards): 50%.
  • Community (Treasury, developers, partners, liquidity providers,..): 20.4%.
  • Seed investors: 15.3%.
  • Team: 14.3%.

Token Release Schedule

Rally rly release

Token Sale

Rly token is held for sale on Coinlist

rly token sale coinlist

Token Use Case

  • Unity: Provides automatic liquidity and collateral for all creator coins on the Rally Network
  • Governance: RLY can be used to vote on proposals and network upgrades
  • Staking: Stake to mint new coins of creators and participate in their digital economy.

RLY Tokens are traded on which exchange?

RNDR is currently traded mainly on Gate, Huobi, MEXC, Kucoin. You can register for an account and trade on these exchanges.

Storage wallet RLY Tokens

You can use Coin98 Wallet. Enter Coin98 Wallet Referral ID as “C98NBDN89Q” to support BTA.

Rally Team


Investors & Partners





The Crypto-social Rally platform recently dedicated $12 million to developers to improve the functionality of the ecosystem, setting the stage for new innovations that benefit creators. The Rally ecosystem continues to gain momentum as demand for blockchain-based NFTs and social communities continues to grow.

How would you rate this project? Please refer to the article and invest or not is your own decision

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