What is OKEx? Hong Kong Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

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2021-12-27 21:45:19

What is OKEx?

OKEx is a major cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong. OKEx was created by the giant bitcoin company OkCoin.com (similar to GDAX owned by Coinbase). OKEx exchange was born out of concerns about China’s ICO bans and exchange regulation in the digital currency space. (See instructions for registration, account security and trading on OKEx below)

OKCoin will focus on trading digital currencies with fiat currencies, and customers who want to buy and sell futures contracts (Bitcoin and Litecoin) will be transferred to OKEx exchange. Currently, according to CoinMarketCap statistics, the OKEx exchange is ranked 5th in terms of total 24-hour trading volume (about over 1 billion USD, the largest trading pair is BTC/USDT).

Features of OKEX exchange

  • Supports multiple platforms, including web platforms, mobile apps, and APIs
  • Support for margin trading to help you maximize profits with 10x or 20x leverage
  • Hedging allows you to lock in mining profits
  • OKEX claims to be the most liquid market
  • Low transaction fee from only 0.03%
  • Support trading many different cryptocurrencies and Tokens
  • Allows coin trading with BTC, ETH and USDT
  • High security like 2FA support
  • English and Chinese language support
  • Support live chat on website via live chat

Trading on OKEX

What coins does OKEX support trading?

Present, OKEx exchange is supporting many different coins and Tokens such as: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), EOS (EOS), Decentraland (MANA), Qtum (QTUM), Hshare (HSR), Kyber Network (KNC), IOTA, Centra (CTR), NEO, SONM (SNM), ..and many more coins.

OKEX exchange main support virtual currency trading pairs with BTC, USDT and ETH. In which, the pairs BTC/USDT, BCC/BTC, ETH/BTC, LTC/USDT,..have the largest trading volume in the last 24 hours and obviously these big coins will have higher liquidity. other tokens.

What is the transaction fee on OKEX exchange?

At a time Cryptocurrency Blog As of this writing, OKEx exchange charges transaction fees as shown in the table below:

Trading fees on OKEX exchange

  • BTC buy/sell transaction fee is 0.015%
  • BTC deposit and transfer fee is 0.015%
  • Similarly, LTC, ETH, BCC and ETC have the same fees as BTC

Is OKEX exchange a scam?

Up to the present time OKEX.com have not encountered any cases of fraud (scam) and have never been attacked by a Hacker. Since OKEX is a branch of OKCoin – one of China’s largest exchanges, the security of users’ accounts as well as the system is very good.

See more information about OKEx exchange at:


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