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2021-12-30 03:59:11

What is Measurable Data Token?

Measurable Data Token is a decentralized data exchange ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to monetize and control their own data, while providing data buyers with an efficient trading platform.

The ecosystem of Measurable Data Token currently has 4 products presented on the project website including: MailTime, Measurable AI, MeFi, RewardMe.

What is special about the Measurable Data Token ecosystem?

MyMDT is a decentralized application that allows users to get rewarded for sharing anonymous data points. Users can now sell their email receipts to data buyers via MyMDT and be compensated with MDT Tokens.

The project also aims to provide accurate, real-time and actionable consumer insights to businesses through Measurable AI.

Over the past few weeks of November 2021, the project team has been working on a number of new products as well as many improvements on the ecosystem applications. The summary is as follows:

  • RewardMe App 2 features launched: RewardMe launches GiftCard feature, and many users have started redeeming their savings in USD. A new survey feature has also rolled out. Each survey will allow users of the project to earn up to $500 in Rewards (which can be converted into gift cards or cryptocurrency).
  • Measurable AI: Generate actionable consumer insights based on a unique dashboard of e-receipts for emerging markets. See more stories applied in real life here.

MDT Tokenomics

Key Metrics

  • Ticker: MDT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Contract: 0x814e0908b12a99fecf5bc101bb5d0b8b5cdf7d26
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply:1,000,000,000 MDT
  • Circulating Supply: 676,157,012.50 MDT

Token Allocation

  • Seed Sale: 15%.
  • Private Sale: 35%.
  • Equity Investors: 10%.
  • Team: 24%.
  • Advisors: 1%.
  • User Growth Pool: 15%.

Token Release Schedule

MDT token release schedule

Token Sale

Seed Sale

  • Price 0.0200 USD/MDT
  • Date: 08/2017
  • Allocation: 150,000,000 MDT
  • Raised: 3.00MM USD (15,000 ETH, 200 USD/ETH)

Private Sale

  • Price 0.0320 USD/MDT
  • Date: 10-11/2017
  • Allocation: 350,000,000 MDT
  • Raised: 11.20MM USD (46,666.00 ETH, 240.00 USD/ETH)

Token Use Case

The MDT Token is the unity token that powers the Measurable Data Token ecosystem, as data buyers are required to pay with the MDT token and users will be compensated with it.

MDT Token storage wallet

Can use Coin98 Wallet. Enter Coin98 Wallet Referral ID as “C98NBDN89Q” to support BTA. Or it can be stored on the exchange where you bought the MDT.

MDT Token is traded on which exchange?

Can register an account and buy MDT Token on Binance exchange for good liquidity.

Measurable Data Token Team

The project team are veterans in the fields of consumer applications, big data and media. The project has successfully developed a popular messaging application, Talkbox Voice Messenger, MailTime Email Messenger and a big data platform, measurable AI.


Measurable Data Token investor


Measurable Data Token partner


mdt roadmap


Measurable Data Token (MDT) connects users, data providers, and data buyers and determines the value of data. It compensates users for sharing anonymous data points while providing buyers and data providers with a more efficient transaction model.

On March 26, Bloomberg, a corporation providing global financial news and information, was announced by the project to cooperate from Measurable AI with Bloomberg Data License to their customer Weekly and monthly sales trend overviews can be accessed for tickers from China, Southeast Asia and Latin America, traditionally hard to reach.

Shows the project’s products are currently of interest to large institutions and whether it can be a driving force in the price of MDT in the near term. And you, what do you think?

This article is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. Thanks!

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