What is FatBTC? 1 minute TO LEARN ABOUT FatBTC cryptocurrency trading

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2021-03-22 20:18:56

What is FatBTC?

Fatbtc is a cryptocurrency exchange officially established and operated in China. Fatbtc exchange is a reputable exchange, creating the easiest conditions for users, especially those who do not own any coin yet, through being accepted by local banks to deposit and withdraw money at the exchange.

The official website address of the Fatbtc exchange: https://www.fatbtc.com/

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FatBTC exchange overview

About FatBTC exchange features

– Security: Using current best security methods such as SSL encryption technology, signature security, 2FA authentication. Security functions of the exchange are evaluated extremely effectively by even accepting banks that allow transactions even if the security system encounters any problems, the consequences of which also customers. and the bank that must bear is unimaginable.

– The supported coins: Fatbtc accepts to allow support for many types of coins. At this time, the exchange has supported 30 coins of all kinds including: BTC, BCH, EOS, ETH, DOGE, XRP and other lesser known coins.

– Trading platform: is considered quite ugly and unfriendly due to the messy specifications that are annoying for users.

– Transaction costs: assessed at a fairly competitive level with a fee of 0.2% for all types of transactions.

– Deposit cost: Fatbtc floor does not charge a fee for customers when depositing into the floor.

– Language: Support 4 languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

– Margin trading: Not supported on Fatbtc.

– Legal money: Currently only CNY is supported as the only fiat currency.

– Customer support service: Fatbtc floor supports customer counseling 24/7 through all chat channels on mail, ticket, website, facebook, twitter, telegram.

About the FatBTC exchange fraud risk

Fatbtc exchange has not been involved in any suspicion or complaint of fraud. and have never been hacked by hackers until now. This is a good signal to help the floor quickly gain the trust of users.

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