What is Eternal Token? All information about External Token (XET)

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2021-03-22 07:41:04

What is Eternal Token?

Eternal Token (XET) is a token that uses a proxy token that is exchangeable for the Eternal coin (XEC). The token will be converted to XEC so that international payment can be used through an exchange with another existing cryptocurrency.

XET and XEC are equal in the number of issues issued up to 200 million units. XEC is a very special coin because XEC cannot be traded through unauthorized transactions. Hence, the Eternal token (XET) was developed to store and conduct transactions with different currencies from exchanges around the world. Issuing two compatible virtual currencies will solve the disadvantages of XEC or other coins when faced with the same situation.

Eternal Coin features virtual currency and is tied to Eternal wallet. Coin attached to Eternal Wallet Allows users to make money transfers using phone numbers. In addition, Eternal wallet also allows converting between fiat currency – local money into fiat currency – money of the receiver. This conversion uses Eternal Coin and only requires one button to transfer the money to the receiver’s wallet. To use a secure wallet, you should visit the virtual currency’s official website.

Eternal Token formation and development process

June 12, 2018, Eternal Token was created. Two months later, Eternal Token Officially listed in CoinMarketCap. Through the official website or Bitcointalk topics, the Eternal Token project does not disclose any information regarding the development team at all. Additionally, the only known information is the company behind the project called “Atom Solutions Co., Ltd” – a company founded in May 2010 by Hiroyuki Fujino. With the mission of becoming a leading company in the field of trading coin, providing optimal solutions for Blockchain and financial services. Currently, the company has headquarters in 4 leading developed countries in Asia: Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and Korea.

After officially releasing Eternal Coin and establishing partnerships with many major exchanges since the end of 2015, the company launched the Elook app in 2017. This event has been a huge hit. company. However, the outstanding success and development of the project only officially happened in the second half of 2018, after Eternal Token issuer. Eternal Token not only continuously entered the world’s leading exchanges with many cooperation agreements, but also officially launched global events and conferences.

Trading Eternal Token (XET)

At this point, Eternal Token has issued 60,440,001 XET, priced at up to $ 1.60 / XET and a market cap of $ 96,743,851. The 24-hour trading volume is extremely large and still shows no sign of decrease. For the right information from time to time, you can visit cryptocurrency websites like: www.coinmarketcap.com, Onchainfx.com, Coincheckup.com, or www.Cryptocompare.com. In addition, for more reference, you can follow through blockchain channels such as: XET Facebook, Block Explorer, White Paper, XET YouTube, XET Reddit, XET Github.

Eternal Token transactions

Eternal Token is currently listed on many large and small exchanges. In which, Binance.com is rated as one of the best virtual currency exchanges. Fees for activities like deposit / withdrawal are all low, including: free deposit, withdraw BTC with 0.0005 BTC and ETH with 0.01 ETH. Plus, the Eternal token sale / purchase transaction on Binance exchange only pay 0.005% or 0.1% fee compared to other cryptocurrencies.

How to buy / sell XET has been very clearly instructed on the Binance page. You just need to register an account on Binance (if you have not yet), and prepare your money, you can follow the instructions on Binance to buy / sell XET.

Besides, some exchanges like Kenniex, Remitano, Aliniex ,,, are also rated friendly, competitive, fast and simple.

For more information, visit:

Website: https://www.atom-solutions.jp/en/xetchange.php

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eternal-token/

Github: https://github.com/atom-solutions

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdminXet

Telegram: https://t.me/xetofficial

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