What is Dock Network (DOCK)? Learn about DOCK

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2021-12-27 03:47:06

What is Dock Network?

Dock Network is a platform that provides developers with the infrastructure and tools to build applications that grant and verify credentials on the blockchain.

It complies with international standards and is scalable at a low cost.

What’s special about Dock Network?

Dock Network currently has 2 products for developers including: Certs, Claim Deduction and Biometrics Demo.

  • Certs is the application to authenticate login information easily. Application to grant, manage, share and verify logins using Dock Network technology. It designed for different industries and used in different circumstances.

Certs leverages Dock Network’s blockchain technology, is W3C compliant, and SDK compatible. This ensures that credentials continue to be verified even after the issuer ceases to exist, and allows these digital records to be easily integrated with other systems.

  • Claim Deduction and Biometrics Demo is the app for Dock’s facial recognition and credentials verification. It can also be used to verify a subject’s age, eliminating the need for manual age and login information verification when it comes to faces.

What is W3C Verifier?

W3C is an international community that develops open standards on the web. This specification provides a format for representing secure, privacy-respecting, and cryptographically authenticated credentials.

Dock Network Tokenomics

Key Metrics Token

  • Ticker: DOCK
  • Blockchain: Dock Network
  • Token type: Unity, governance.
  • Token Standard: https://dock.subscan.io/
  • Contract: https://dock.subscan.io/
  • Total Supply: 1,00,000,000 DOCK
  • Circulation supply: 737,145,642.11 DOCK

Token Allocation

Release Schedule

DOCK tokens have been paid to investors since 30 days after ICO 2018.

Token Sale

DOCK tokens pre-implemented ICO from February 20 to April 5, 2018 and raised capital $20,140,818$.

Token Use Case

  • Governance and Voting
  • Staking and Validating
  • Fees on Blockchain Dock

How to earn/buy DOCK?

DOCK tokens are tradable on exchanges Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, and Gate.io.

DOCK Where is it stored?

Currently can be stored in Dock Network’s own wallet, or on Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, Gate.io exchanges…

Assess the potential of Dock Network (DOCK)

Dock Network Team

Dock Network Team 01


Dock Network Backer


Dock Network Roadmap 02

Dock Network Roadmap 03



Confirmation, sharing login information and facial recognition are an integral part of today’s electronic devices. Does Dock Network creating these applications on blockchain technology create a breakthrough compared to current technology? What do you think about this project? Please share your thoughts about the project below.

All information is the author’s personal judgment and analysis, the information is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.

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