Was able to buy a Tesla car with Bitcoin

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2021-03-24 04:15:05

This was confirmed by Mr. Elon Musk with a tweet posted a few minutes ago on his account.

Since Tesla announced it was investing $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin, there have been rumors that the company will allow its customers to buy cars with the cryptocurrency. Now, the rumors have come true.

Even in his comments, Musk emphasized, “Tesla is using an open source internal software to operate Bitcoin nodes directly. The Bitcoin paid to Tesla will be kept in the form of Bitcoin, not converted to the regular currency. “

However, at the moment this solvency is only limited to users in the US market, but Musk also promised to expand the ability to pay in Bitcoin to customers outside the US market by the end of the year.

Elon Musk: Was able to buy a Tesla car with Bitcoin - Photo 2.

Despite Musk’s announcement, there is still much unclear about the possibility of buying a Tesla car with Bitcoin. While the cryptocurrency’s price is often unusually volatile, Musk’s tweet does not say how the prices of Tesla models will be determined in the cryptocurrency.

It is not known if this tweet was an impromptu moment for Musk as currently on Tesla’s website, models and accessories are still listed in the regular currency, depending on the market. In the field where Tesla operates, prices are not displayed in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

While Tesla no longer has a media division and corporate social media accounts are inactive, almost every tweet of Mr. Musk is being treated as official company statements.

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