Viettel IDC becomes the pioneer MSSP partner in Vietnam of Palo Alto Networks

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2022-07-27 07:34:43

With this cooperation, Viettel IDC will combine the power of the “Next Generation Firewall” (NGFW) from Palo Alto Networks to deploy an advanced virtualized firewall system, providing a unique solution. In-depth security with the name Viettel Cloud Firewall (VCF) for customers who are currently using Cloud services of Viettel IDC such as Viettel Cloud Server, Viettel Start Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud (vVPC) and Viettel Dedicated Private Cloud (vDPC) .

Viettel IDC becomes the pioneer MSSP partner in Vietnam of Palo Alto Networks - Photo 2.

About Viettel IDC and Palo Alto Networks

Viettel IDC, a subsidiary of Viettel Group, is the largest Data Center (DC) and Cloud Computing service provider in Vietnam with more than 14 years of operation. Viettel IDC’s service ecosystem with more than 30 services and solutions, including DC, Cloud, Security, Hosting, AI, … aims to provide IT infrastructure for businesses and government agencies nationwide and foreign markets.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is an American multinational cybersecurity company headquartered in Santa Clara, California with 16 years of operation in the international market. Palo Alto Networks’ core products are platforms that include advanced firewalls and Cloud-based services that extend those firewalls to ensure complete security.

Viettel IDC cooperates with Palo Alto Networks to provide new generation security solutions

Viettel IDC will invest and use Next-Generation Firewall devices provided by Palo Alto Networks with advanced and powerful architecture, reinforced for high-speed specialized hardware, creating security features. outstanding, helping to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional Firewall security model and better meet the current security requirements.

When using the Firrewall power of Palo Alto Networks, Viettel IDC will integrate many other outstanding features such as intrusion prevention, URL filtering, application visibility and control, and malware protection. enhanced to provide powerful warning and defense against intrusions or cyberattacks.

Thus, with comprehensive and consistent protection for both physical and virtual environments, centralized administration and monitoring will be the same for both environments, helping system administrators Unify settings and proactively manage security as well as clearly separate responsibilities on virtualized environments that are set up and managed by the virtualized server administrator in a traditional solution.

About Viettel Cloud Firewall solution

The new generation firewall Viettel Cloud Firewall with security power from leading security solution providers in the world, has many features that allow network administrators the ability to comprehensively control their network:

– Identify applications in the system that do not depend on the port or network protocol, help accurately identify as well as help intelligent applications have the ability to switch ports or network protocols to work to avoid control. control of security systems.

– Allows the implementation of policies based on user identity or user group, not just checking the network’s IP address.

– Integrated attack prevention technology protects the system in real time against attacks and malicious software embedded in applications as well as security vulnerabilities of applications or systems. operating in the system.

– User-friendly interface, making it simpler to manage protection policies for the system, as well as allowing to customize the export of detailed visual reports linking users with the application and potential threats – helps administrators get an overview and help make faster and more timely decisions.

– The concurrent multi-threaded architecture helps ensure the overall system performance to gigabits per second, ensuring the lowest latency even when all features are active.

Viettel Cloud Firewall promises to bring the maximum security solution, helping businesses to feel more secure in developing their systems without worrying about access sources that harm the system.

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