Vietnam is about to welcome the giant worm Super Moon, just round after the full moon day

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2021-03-30 00:45:12

NASA said the moon will look round for three consecutive days, but the “round” time will fall at 14:48 PM EDT (US Eastern Standard Time), which is 18:48. GMT (international time) March 28. According to the Vietnamese time zone, this is equivalent to 1 hour 48 minutes and the morning of March 29.

A supermoon was previously captured at Teide National Park – Photo: DAILY MAIL

According to the Daily Mail, at maximum, a supermoon can be 14% larger and up to 30% brighter than normal. Dr. Daniel Brown, an astronomer from the University of Nottingham Trent (UK), said the places where the biggest supermoon can be seen are the ones that are lucky to have the maximum phase in the sunset.

At that time, a “moon illusion” would appear when it was near the horizon, making it look very large.

However, according to astronomers, if you are not in the full moon at sunset, you can also look for this phenomenon when the moon is almost full, for example the sunset before the maximum night of the supermoon.

NASA explained in a post on the homepage about the name “super moon worms”: it originated from some Indian tribes, because March is the time when earthworm embryos begin to reappear when the ground thaw. The full moon in March is also known as the crow moon, waxy moon, road moon … by many different cultures, mainly based on the phenomena they observed during this time.

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