Vegetarian is not boring! Revealing the “universe” of the vegetarian restaurant “nourishing eyes and mouth” helps you live a virtual life

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2022-07-19 19:03:44

Pi Vegetarian Bistro

Nestled in a small, beautiful and green space on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Pi Vegetarian Bistro is immediately impressed by its delicate and artistic space thanks to modern wall paintings and interior arrangement. Minimalism accompanied by melodious music reminds a peaceful and free lifestyle. However, what attracts diners to stay with Pi is the sophisticated, elaborate and strange vegetarian menu. Among them are fried lotus root salad, butter with lemongrass honey sauce, fried rice with cinnamon leaves… but surely you will not only eat once.

In case you are afraid to move, you can completely order Pi’s food on ShopeeFood at:

Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant & Tea House

Vegetarian is not boring!  Revealing the

Shamballa in Sanskrit means “peace, balance and joy”. These are also the valuable values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant & Tea House wants to convey to diners through dishes prepared with care and meticulousness expressed through the selection of ingredients and the “interface”. exquisite presentation. Not limited by the traditional menu, Shamballa regularly experiment with many new dishes, such as baked sake, buckwheat porridge or green curry to make the journey of enjoying vegetarian dishes more attractive.

You can also order Shamballa from ShopeeFood on the Shopee app at:

Vegetarian Garden

Vegetarian is not boring!  Revealing the

Originating from the desire to create a space to enjoy vegetarian dishes separate from the noise and bustle in the heart of Saigon, a beautiful little garden named Chay Garden was born and brings a completely different vegetarian style. quiet but no connection loss. Enjoying delicious meals at Chay Garden is when diners have the opportunity to experience a sincere connection with people and the surrounding environment. The dishes on the menu of Chay Garden that often “remember” with diners can include Garden vegetarian hot pot, grapefruit salad, lotus root with cheese, Pad Thai…

When you are “craving” for vegetarian food but can’t visit Chay Garden, you can absolutely order food on ShopeeFood:

Buddha Vegetarian

Vegetarian is not boring!  Revealing the

Located right in the heart of District 1, Buddha Chay surprises many people by the extremely diverse food menu with affordable prices. This is also a place that many famous people frequent to enjoy vegetarian cuisine on holidays of the year. Not too fussy in the presentation of dishes at Buddha Chay always impresses diners by the taste that is seasoned to fit, frugal, highlighting the freshness of the ingredients. If you have the opportunity to visit here, you can immediately try some of the “best-sellers” such as Coconut Tofu Salad, Tofu with Peach Honey Sauce, Buddha Pot Pot…

Besides, you can also enjoy Chay Garden’s menu at home by ordering food on ShopeeFood:

Vegetarian dessert 5K at “Mang Mang Mango Tea”

To make the journey to discover vegetarian dishes more complete, do not miss enjoying the extremely diverse desserts with Mango Mango Tea. Especially from July 11 to the end of July 17, this tea brand with a super cute name will “wish” you 2,000 cups of Hong Kong mango tea at the price of 5K “small up and down” when ordering with ShopeeFood on the Shopee app. Not stopping there, all the tea dishes on the menu priced at 35K will simultaneously be reduced to 30K. Notably, remember to enter code MANGMANG25 to get an additional 25K discount from 30K, or MANGMANG40 to reduce 40K for orders from 80K. Don’t forget to pay with ShopeePay e-wallet to enjoy more incentives.

Thousands more offers from the “Good quality vegetarian” collection with ShopeeFood

Vegetarian is not boring!  Revealing the

When it comes to an appointment, when preparing for the full moon day, everyone wants to eat a vegetarian meal, first to purify the mind, and secondly, also take this opportunity to purify the body. Understanding the “hearts” of users, ShopeeFood introduces a collection of “Quality Vegetarian” with a series of vegetarian and quality restaurants. Customers when ordering from the above collection and entering the code “THANH TINH” will enjoy an additional 15K Freeship offer for 45K orders. In addition, from now until September 30, new Citi Bank customers will receive an additional “gift” of a voucher worth 500K when placing an order at ShopeeFood.

The offer continues the offer, in addition to the “Good quality vegetarian” program ShopeeFood continues to treat foodies with a series of attractive offers through the event “Mid-month, half-price sale” taking place on two days July 15. & 16.7. In which, the program brings thousands of vouchers with 50% discount, exclusively when ordering ShopeeFood on Shopee. Next is the X9 Freeship offer up to 35K and Super Voucher up to 177K. The offer is ready, what are you waiting for, order from ShopeeFood on Shopee app right now. For more details see 20220713192313419.chn

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