Time magazine auctioned three NFT covers based on the famous “Is God Dead?”

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2021-03-24 11:06:48

Time magazine’s NFT works will be auctioned individually and by collection on SuperRare through March 24.

Time magazine auctioned three NFT covers based on the famous “Is God Dead?”

Time Magazine is showing the embrace of the blockchain digital art movement by Auction of three NFTs Take inspiration from the magazine’s most iconic cover of decades.

On March 22, the leading US news magazine announced that the three NFTs will be sold individually and in the above set. SuperRare, a digital art trading platform, until March 24th. Collection based on the theme “Is ___ Dead?”, refers to a series of session-inspired magazine covers the original April 8, 1966, “Is God Dead?” According to Time’s announcement, this is the first cover page in the magazine’s history to include only text without any pictures.

“Is God Dead?” NFT format is now available on SuperRare, along with Time’s April 3, 2017 cover, “Is Truth Dead?” and upcoming March 29 / April 5 cover, “Is Fiat Dead?”

The question “Is Fiat Dead?” refers directly to the decline in the purchasing power of government-controlled currencies such as the dollar. As Time’s editorial highlighted, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) are challenging today’s monetary standards through fixed supply and transparent monetary policy.

“I love the idea that what it means is not clear to the average viewer – like the crazy and virtual, everyday world of NFTs,” said Time DW Pine creative director, who designed the cover “Is Fiat Dead?” comment.

The NFT market has exploded greatly over the past year, with transaction volumes quadrupling in 2020 alone. As CHK reported, family members are all caught up in the NFT craze.

Big investors are also eyeing this potential market. Just last week, the NFT OpenSea project raised $ 23 million in a Series A funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz and angel investors including Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss and Naval Ravikant.

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