TikTok’s parent company started making chips

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2022-07-25 07:26:45

ByteDance headquarters in Beijing, China. (Image: Shutterstock)

ByteDance joins the list of Chinese technology firms encroaching on the semiconductor field as the country wants to be more autonomous in this important area. According to CNBC, part of TikTok’s parent company wants to develop the chip itself is because it can’t find a partner that meets its requirements.

The chip will be customized to handle tasks related to ByteDance’s various businesses, including video platforms, information and entertainment applications. ByteDance will not manufacture chips to sell to other companies. The company opens many vacancies related to semiconductor design.

Before that, other Chinese giants such as Baidu or Alibaba have launched their own designed chips, even if they do not specialize in semiconductors. This is a way for them to make the specialized components they need, instead of buying chips from another company. However, they still need contractors to make chips, just like Apple is doing with the iPhone.

Semiconductors – which appear in everything from smartphones to cars – are seen as a major front between China and the US in the overall tech war. For years, China has invested heavily to boost its semiconductor industry, but has struggled to catch up with rivals in the US and Asia. Beijing remains heavily dependent on foreign technology.

According to CNBC

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