TikTok MCNs in Vietnam – The most prestigious supporting Tiktok MCNs

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2022-07-31 13:39:43

(CHK) TikTok Network, also known as MCN (Multi-Channel Network) – TikTok’s multi-channel networks. These are companies that sign contracts with TikTok, represent TikTok in Vietnam to develop content, support TikTok content creators to protect copyright…

In a word, these MCNs are a third party that helps you maximize your monetization and brand development on TikTok. Accordingly, these MCNs will stand to work with you and you will receive the maximum support: Support for copyright protection of TikTok channels, support for content creation, support for channel development..

Currently, in Vietnam, there are a number of large Tiktok MCNs such as Melive Network, DC, Vitamin, Box… are developing and accompanying TikTokers.

Melive Network is one of the leading prestigious units in Vietnam today. Melive is a TikTok project belonging to Metub Network, the unit behind the millions of viewers Youtube channels of Son Tung MTP, Noo Phuoc Thinh or Trang TV, etc. METUB Network is a leading media, entertainment and lifestyle company. Vietnam. Now, METUB has grown from the YouTube Multi-Channel Network into a digital entertainment & marketing solution and social commerce company.

Melive Network supports content creators and sellers to set up, optimize and develop commercial livestream activities on Tiktok, especially Tiktok Shop.

Melive: Vietnam Premier KOL livestream Commerce Network

Melive will support you when joining the Network:

  • Create and operate TikTok Shop
  • Searching and censoring quality Affiliate sources
  • Professional Livestream training, consulting and operation
  • Support Livestream together to increase interaction
  • Optimize shopping cart on TikTok shop
  • Optimize and improve the efficiency of Livestream
  • Ads increase Livestream and video views
  • Cross-promoting between Creators in Network

To learn more about Melive Network, you can refer here

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