The woman had chopsticks stuck in her skull for a week without even knowing it

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2021-07-01 03:07:18

A rare accident has just happened in Taiwan, in which, a woman had two pieces of chopsticks totaling 8.5 cm long inserted deep into the cranial cavity without even knowing it. The 29-year-old girl was still breathing and living normally for a week after the accident.

Reporting in The Journal of Emergency Medicine, Taiwanese doctors said this was a lucky case with a lot of random factors. First, the woman had an altercation at the dinner table with her sister. The younger brother attacked the older sister with a pair of plastic chopsticks.

The chopsticks were then broken into two pieces, one 3.5 cm long, the other 5 cm long and inserted into the sister’s nasal septum. It is worth mentioning that these chopsticks then entered the cranial cavity according to the route that doctors often use when performing ethmoid sinus surgery – the sinus cavity located between the corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose.

As a result, it left only a small tear on the woman’s nose, which looked like a harmless wound. Two pieces of chopsticks inserted into the sinuses up to the corner of the eye, but only made the woman think she was punched in the eye, so the corner of her eye swelled up.

Although she went to the hospital and had an X-ray taken, because the chopsticks were made of plastic, it became invisible under X-rays. The doctors didn’t see any abnormalities on the x-ray, so they sent the woman home. . The girl is still breathing and living normally because the ethmoid sinus does not affect her respiratory activities too much.

However, about a week later, the woman began to suspect her injury was more serious than it seemed. Doctors at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital in Taiwan said she was worried when she recovered the chopsticks her brother used to attack her, but the two ends were broken and nowhere to be found.

The woman then looked in the mirror and discovered a gray object in her nose. She immediately returned to the hospital and this time the doctors looked directly at her nose to confirm the piece of chopsticks stuck in it.

Indication for a CT scan was given instead of an X-ray and subsequent radiographs showed that not one but two chopsticks had been stuck in the woman’s ethmoid sinus for a week.

Immediately, the doctor prescribed surgery to help her remove the foreign body: a piece of chopsticks 3.5 cm long and a piece 5 cm long. The girl did not experience any complications after the surgery and was discharged healthy.

The woman was stuck in her skull with chopsticks for a week without even knowing it - Photo 2.
The woman was stuck in her skull with chopsticks for a week without even knowing it - Photo 3.

A CT scan showed that two pieces of chopsticks totaling more than 8.5 centimeters long had been inserted into the woman’s cranial cavity.

Through this rare case, Taiwanese doctors warn that many cases of foreign bodies penetrate the skull, leaving only small tears on the skin without symptoms. They say X-rays will not be able to detect plastic foreign bodies, such as chopsticks or when children swallow lego…

If doctors suspect a foreign body near the nose, it is important that they examine the ears, nose, and throat with the naked eye, endoscopy as well as a CT scan to identify it as soon as possible.

In addition, dangerous accidents with chopsticks are still common in Asian countries that use it as a food picker. In 2019, a 17-month-old girl in Wuhan, China, was also stabbed by chopsticks from the roof of her mouth to her brain after falling while eating.

The woman was stuck in her skull with chopsticks for a week without even knowing it - Photo 4.

The chopsticks inserted 2 cm deep into the motor cerebellum but slipped from the brain stem to avoid a fatal accident. Doctors at Wuhan Hospital successfully operated on to save the girl’s life. But they warn not everyone who has an accident with chopsticks is so lucky.

Each year, this hospital alone receives more than a dozen accidents with chopsticks. Doctors say chopsticks, especially wooden chopsticks, are an unsanitary object. Therefore, when it enters the body, it can cause a higher risk of infection than other objects. Accidents with chopsticks are especially common with young children, so parents should supervise their children while they learn to use the tool.

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