The way of entering the extension line directly ignores the introduction

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2021-04-02 18:25:17

When calling on the customer care switchboard of the service firms, there will be an introduction and announcement of the extension numbers for each different service so that customers know which extension to call to suit their needs. save me. In case you regularly call a certain extension number of the switchboard, or know the exact extension number of each service of the switchboard, listening to referrals is quite time consuming and really unnecessary. If so, you can completely ignore the introduction to directly enter the extension number of the switchboard, saving users time. The following article will guide you to enter the operator’s odd number straight through the introduction.

Instructions to call the operator ignore the introduction

Step 1:

At the call interface, first of all you enter the operator number I need to call such as Viettel switchboard as shown below and leave it as is.

Step 2:

Next to you Press and hold the “*” key. on the screen until “,” is displayed. behind the switchboard number series as shown below.

Press the sign,

Step 3:

Next to us enter to the extension number of the switchboard that you want to call in after the “,” Then press the phone icon to make a call to the service’s extension and receive advice from the staff.

Call the extension

In case there is the next extension, we continue to press and hold on the sign “*” to display a “,” then enter the following extension and press the call button.

Enter the odd number of children


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