The Honda Vision 2020 is for sale for only 20 million, as cheap as the new Wave Alpha at the dealer

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2022-08-01 07:43:43

Recently, on, there was a post for sale Honda Vision scooter model at unbelievable cheap price. Accordingly, this is an old white car model registered in 2020, ODO level about 6,000 km, original car and full papers.

Honda Vision is one of the best-selling scooter models in the Vietnamese market when it not only possesses a modern and youthful design, but is also equipped with overflowing utilities.

The company has included in the dashboard displaying basic parameters such as speed, distance traveled, fuel consumption, signal lights, trunk for personal belongings such as helmets, raincoats, etc. spacious, comfortable saddle for the driver and the person sitting behind, …

The Honda Vision 2020 has a length and width of 1,863mm x 686mm x 1,088mm, respectively, and a seat height of 750mm.

Regarding technology, the Honda Vision 2020 is equipped with a PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system that is quite famous for its ability to save fuel, the eSP engine of the Honda Vision 2020 is also equipped with a temporary shutdown system Idling Stop. and the ACG starter system, which both has the function of starting and generating electricity, helps the car start easily and smoothly.

Powering the car is a 113cc engine block, with a maximum capacity of 6.59 kW at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.23 Nm, the car uses disc brakes for the front wheels and brakes. drum for the rear wheel. For the high-end and special Vision version, it will be equipped with a SMART KEY smart key to effectively prevent theft.

The Honda Vision in the article is for sale for only VND 20,800,000, as cheap as the latest Honda Wave Alpha motorbike. For used cars, it is certain that every aspect will not be equal to the latest version, so before buying a car, customers need to carefully check each part, machine and operating ability to Avoid buying poor quality cars.

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