Technology comes with Startup Viet’s emotions & journey to simplify shopping for men

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2021-03-25 00:44:26

Launched in March 2019, hitting on the “pain” of most Vietnamese men who are afraid to choose, bargain and shop sporadically for basic items, a website was born and focused on doing what seemed to be. very small: sell t-shirts, shirts, shorts, shorts, socks for “no need to think”, deliver after 24 hours, and return 60 days for any reason.

Do small things well with big dreams

For bearded wings, who can spend hours playing games or drinking, but are lazy to spend time shopping for themselves, is really a lifesaver, with only 2 minutes and a few mouse clicks on the website are there for themselves the most essential items.

Therefore, after more than 2 years of operation, this startup has more than 200,000 customers and more than 5 million visitors to the website. Above all, it is to “free” men from “what’s busy today” or “where to buy this”.

“Coolmate customers are mostly men, they are busy and afraid to shop sporadically, but that does not mean they are easy to choose. The needs of customers are always changing and increasing, they do not just need a piece of equipment. clothes are reasonably priced, they also need high quality, durable, cool, easy to wear with other items, and shopping or exchange must be easy and comfortable “ – CEO Nhu Pham confirmed.

Coolmate chooses investment in website platform with its own technology team, to ensure customer experience shopping on website is quickest and most convenient. Through measuring customer interactions on the website, Coolmate can immediately listen to customers’ difficulties and obstacles for appropriate adjustment.

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The difficulty of any new brand, especially an e-commerce website, is attracting and keeping customers with you many times over the years. So outstanding customer service is very important. Understanding this, from the beginning, Coolmate has focused on building a team and a customer service culture with services that are difficult to find anywhere else, even when buying in traditional stores, such as: 60 the date of return for any reason, home delivery, express delivery with no extra fees, or the “no script” when responding to customers, so that the dialogue with customers is really sincere.

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With the “Say Yes” culture in all situations, it is not surprising that at Coolmate there are always ‘unhappy – happy’ situations every day.

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“Nobody cares what technology you use or what service you have, as long as when problems arise, customers are answered most quickly and are most satisfied. At Coolmate we are trying to do it every day. All the things we are doing and will be pursuing are only to ensure that 100% of the customers who buy at Coolmate are satisfied. “ – Nhu Pham shared.

Proudly manufacturing in Vietnam from Yarn – Fabric – Design – Sewing – Finishing

At the core of the customer experience and love is still the product – what they pick up, hold, and wear almost every day. Although they are basic products, Coolmate put a lot of effort into fabric materials and product finishing in order to convince the most demanding customers.

At Coolmate, t-shirts, panties, shorts and socks are produced in Vietnamese factories, introduced and ordered through the website and delivered to the customers in 1-2 days after the order is placed. . No stores, no agents, no commissions. All middleman costs are cut to focus on improving product quality and selling at “reasonable and not too much” prices.

Typically T-shirts, shirts, panties are priced at only 100 – 350 thousand VND. Over nearly 2 years of operation, more than 300,000 T-shirts and more than 250,000 “made in Vietnam” underwear have been shipped to Vietnamese men.

Technology goes hand in hand with Startup Viet's emotions & journey to simplify shopping for men - Photo 5.

Joy of service & belief in kinder online shopping

Online shopping and e-commerce in Vietnam have grown strongly in recent years, bringing many opportunities for development and many different situations like online pictures and real pictures. I bought, but I still do not see the delivery, the goods do not fit, I do not know how to return, .. In the face of that situation, the focus and control of a closed chain of products – sales – customer care of Coolmate allows customers to feel secure and comfortable when shopping at Coolmate.

On the occasion of its 2-year anniversary, Coolmate is offering a lot of incentives up to 50% and lots of gifts for customers who visit the website within 3 days from March 24. – March 26.

Brand information:

Coolmate – shopping website for men with attentive customer service

Hotline: 1900272737


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