Take a look at the series of 2009 events that cannot be missed by Kiem The: Song Long Tinh Kiem

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2022-07-22 01:00:40

Kiem The is a popular PC game, produced by Kingsoft and exclusively released by VNG in Vietnam since 2009. It can be said that Kiem The is one of the “old men” and known as the “king of kings”. role-playing game series” when possessing many admirable achievements: inheriting the most unique quintessence from the “brothers” Vo Lam Truyen Ky, receiving more than 60,000 players to participate in the experience on the launch day. , opened 72 operating servers within the first 4 months, the Dai Kiem Hoi event held at both ends of the country attracted more than 21,000 gamers to participate…

On July 12, Kiem The officially “launched” the Song Long Tinh Kiem server – located in the Memoirs server cluster – to bring back the early days, bringing gamers back to the memorable days of the game. 2009. After a week of launching the new server, Kiem The has recorded 10,000 accounts, active day and night on all maps. Let’s take a look at the exciting activities going on to understand why Kiem The: Song Long Tinh Kiem makes people so passionate.

Race to the top of the competition, receive gifts full of bags

In the gaming community in general and the swordplay game series in particular, tactics and skills are always important factors to create the title as well as the status of individuals and guilds. Therefore, top competitions are always an attractive opportunity for heroes to prove their strength on the leaderboard. At Song Long Tinh Kiem server, the series of top racing events includes 3 activities including:

  • Race Top Fortune, taking place from 12/07 to 3h on 11/09. Top 3 players with the highest Phu Tai score at Song Long Tinh Kiem server will receive rewards such as: Bronze lock, Silver lock, Regular silver, Thuong Hai Nguyet Minh, Thai Van Truy Nguyet, Little bowl of cake, Huyen. Level 10 Essence, Bich Blood Don Tam, Custom Outfits from the Outfit Shop… depending on rank;
  • Race Top Class, the time is the same as the Top Tai Phu Race, from July 12 to 3 a.m. on September 11. This activity also selects the Top 3 players with the highest level at the Song Long Tinh Kiem server who will receive the following rewards: Bronze key, Silver lock, Regular silver, Thuong Hai Nguyet Minh, Thai Van Truy Nguyet, Huyen Tinh level 10, optional costumes from the Outfit Shop, Ngo Hien Vien… depending on rank;
  • Race Top Territory, taking place from 12/07 to 23h on 15/09. After the event period, the masters of the 3 Guilds with the most territories will be selected at the Song Long Tinh Kiem server and will receive rewards such as: 400 to 1,000,000 Ordinary Silver and the number of level 9 Huyen Tinh depending on the time of the event. by rank. In case 2 or 3 Guilds have the same number of territories, the ranking will be based on the leader honor points of the host Clan.

Some gifts in the series of Top Racing events at Song Long Tinh Kiem server

The old man returned, the gift was delivered to the pocket

This is an online event held on Kiem The’s fanpage, for old ZingIDs returning to Kiem The before 12/07/2022 at Song Long Tinh Kiem cluster 2009. Accordingly, gamers just need to do this. Some simple requests HERE from July 12 to July 20, you can immediately receive a quality code including gifts: Map of Secrets, Uc Van, 02 Tu Luyen Don, 02 Huyen Tinh 7, 200,000 Silver Lock and 1000 Bronze Keys.

Activate skins, gain 120 All Resistance

The Outfit Shop at the Instrument Room NPC has opened. Gamers can use Nguyet Anh Thach to exchange for costumes with 1-0-2 Song Long Tinh Kiem servers. In addition, activating the skin during the first time of opening the server will bring the character to receive 120 Resistance to all, helping to increase the necessary stats to be ready to participate in exciting top racing activities.

Some exterior designs have been “on the shelves” at NPC Instrument Room

Song Long Tinh Kiem is likened to a train returning to the glorious beginnings of more than a decade ago of Kiem The. Fully recreating the green version of the king of the swordplay role-playing game series, Song Long Tinh Kiem not only gathers the features of the early days but also refines and adjusts some shortcomings of the old version but still ensures preserve the originality of the game.

In addition to the above series of events, the Song Long Tinh Kiem server also makes players excited with the familiar features of the 2009 era such as: a permanent level 89 limit, opening up to 5 chests of 6677 per week, and the Names of Command. From the famous Pirate Hunt, the equipment mainly comes from outsourcing life skills and fame at activities such as Bao Van Dong, Tieu Dao Coc, Bach Ho Duong…

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Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/kiemthefanclub

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