‘Super rookie’ worth 52 million launched, ‘overwhelming’ Honda Winner X in strength and design

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2022-07-29 07:30:43

After many days of waiting, Aveta Malaysia has officially launched the Aveta SVR180 manual clutch model in the domestic market. Aveta SVR180 is sold on the market with a starting price of RM 9,988 (equivalent to VND 52 million). This price does not include insurance and road tax.

Aveta SVR180 officially launched in Malaysia market

Aveta SVR180 is a model in the same segment as Honda Winner X and Yamaha Exciter 155. This hand-held clutch model possesses a bold and personality appearance with angular and sporty lines. In the Malaysian market, the Aveta SVR180 is offered with 4 color options, including red, blue, cyan and black.

Aveta SVR180 impresses with engine power

In addition to the design, engine power and performance are also notable points of this Aveta SVR180 manual clutch model. Accordingly, the opponent of Honda Winner X is equipped with a single-cylinder engine, 175cc capacity, liquid-cooled, combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. With this engine block, the Aveta SVR180 has a capacity of 16.8 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 15.5 Nm of torque. Compared to the Yamaha Exciter 155, the Aveta SVR180 has a stronger capacity of 1.4 hp and 1.7 Nm of torque.

Aveta SVR180 possesses many impressive features

Standard equipment on the Aveta SVR180 includes LED lighting system, digital instrument cluster, disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, radiator protector, USB charging port. Unfortunately, the Aveta SVR180 is not equipped with the same ABS anti-lock braking system as the Honda Winner X.

Aveta SVR180 does not have anti-lock braking ABS like Honda Winner X

Accompanying that is a set of 17-inch wheels combined with 90/80 front tires and 120/70 rear tires. The Aveta SVR180 uses a suspension system that includes telescopic forks at the front and twin monoshock shock absorbers at the rear.

Aveta SVR180 is a bargain in the price range of 52 million VND

With these impressive features, the Aveta SVR180 can be considered a “bargain” in the price range of VND 52 million. However, the Aveta SVR180 will certainly face many difficulties when competing with names like Honda Winner X or Yamaha Exciter 155 in the clutch car segment in the Malaysian market.

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