Super automation – The era of virtual human and robot alliance

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2022-07-20 07:05:42

On July 9, in Da Nang, the event “Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference and Exhibition” – Google I/O Extended Central Region in 2022 took place with the participation of leading technology experts. : Mr. Janise Tan, SEA Regional Manager, Google; Mr. Thanussak Thanyasiri, Managing Director – Vietnam National Reserve; Mr. Tran Khac Tuan, RPA Solution Manager – akaBot (FPT Software) and the presence of more than 1000+ technology engineers and students interested in the IT industry.

The program is themed around technology and entrepreneurship, attendees have the opportunity to learn about leading technology trends, experience diverse technical topics including the fields of Cloud, Automation Engineering, RPA , AI, Hyperautomation…

The concept of Hyperautomation is no stranger to the world and has been happening recently in the Vietnamese market, especially in the context of a new working method. Towards the common goal set by the Government – national digital transformation, Vietnamese businesses are actively applying new technology solutions to their operations. Going further, businesses will reach full automation – the goal of 2030 onwards. In it, humans and bots become an alliance, supporting each other to complete work, optimize operations and create outstanding work results. This is the stage when RPA develops to a new level with the name Super Automation.

Mr. Tran Khac Tuan, RPA Solution Manager – akaBot (FPT Software) shared about the Super Automation solution between Human & Bot

During the event, Mr. Tran Khac Tuan, RPA Solution Manager – akaBot (FPT Software) commented: “Different from the story of Bot replacing humans, the story of Man and Bot collaborating and alliance opening up operational capabilities. In particular, in the flow of Humans and Bots collaborating, Bot can take on 85% of the work and humans only do 15%, including calling Bot, approving confirmation…”

akaBot ( is a pioneer in providing RPA automation solutions, towards Hyperautomation, with the companion of more than 1200+ enterprise customers, deployment capacity in more than 30 major banks and financial institutions in more than 20 countries worldwide. For example, in Vietnam market, TPBank was one of the companion businesses when akaBot was just launched, within 1 year akaBot helped this bank double its ROI. In the next 2 years, TPBank owns more than 300+ bots in 15 departments with the ability to save 90,000 working hours/year. In particular, TPBank is expected to deploy 20 Intelligent Automation smart bots in 2022. In the European market, akaBot also marks a memorable milestone by successfully supporting SCSK Europe to automate 6 back office processes and implemented 2 more processes for 2 SCSK customers in the fields of chemistry and agriculture.

With akaBot’s impressive growth rate and potential, Mr. Tran Khac Tuan added: “For businesses, I believe that Hyperautomation is the key to optimizing operations through numbers that demonstrate proven efficiency. proven by experience. akaBot has been on the right track to develop and enhance the Super Automation solution – a promising and leading technology in the world.”

At this event, akaBot’s booth also attracted the curiosity and interest of young technology lovers to learn and experience the actual RPA test. Besides, the akaBot team also actively advises on attractive job opportunities at FPT Software.

In addition, akaBot is building and developing the leading large RPA & Hyperautomation community in Vietnam with more than 2,600+ members. This is a place to connect technology lovers, open career opportunities for talented young people to have the opportunity to access new technologies more easily through many activities of exchange, learning, sharing knowledge. knowledge and competitions such as RPA Top Talent, RPA Uni Tour, RPA Fighter, akaBot Games.. From there, it helps spread the power, passion for technology and opens up opportunities to participate in the industry.

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