Suggest delicious dishes to “eat to the dock” on the day of salary return

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2022-07-23 13:06:54

At the end of the month, why don’t you tell your friends to come over to eat, drink, play, and release the storm. The list of delicious dishes is endless, if you are worried about traffic jams and crowded shops, just go to Shopee to choose ShopeeFood to choose from, the rest let the handsome shippers take care of it. So, quickly save the following suggestions to make this salary period meaningful and complete.

Beef Steak

Steak – also known as steak, is one of the world’s favorite dishes. Normally, many people prefer to choose a medium-cooked steak, because the outside is grilled, fragrant with smoke, while the inside is soft, sweet and fragrant with fresh meat, mixed with the sauce to create a wonderful harmony. equally delicate and mellow. Despite being labeled “luxury” compared to the majority of young people, on a salary day like today, you must definitely choose beefsteak to eat for “fuck”. You can consider some restaurants such as Funny Beef, Beefsteak Onion, Mr.Bistek,…on ShopeeFood.

Hot pot

Another option on these rainy and cold days is hot pot dishes. You can choose from a variety of hot pot dishes on ShopeeFood such as hotpot with chili chicken, Thai hot pot, chicken hot pot with é leaves, seafood hot pot, goat hot pot, beef hot pot. Hot pot with soft and sweet meat, fresh green vegetables, fragrant broth with lemongrass, chili, cardamom … will make friends and relatives unable to refuse. If you don’t know which hot pot dish will be suitable, you can refer to 109 Dangerous Chili Chicken Hot Pot, Tao Ngo – Chicken Hotpot with é leaves, Wooden house beef hot pot,…

If you have eaten hot pot, you have to take advantage of ordering a few more bottles of Pepsi at home. Wait, stop for about 2 seconds because don’t rush to the grocery store or convenience store to do anything, you can completely order Pepsi on ShopeeFood but also get a great discount. From July 22 to July 28, Pepsi offers you a discount code of VND 25,000 for orders from VND 40,000, applicable for orders of 1 in Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda, Sting or Tea+ products from stores in the collection. episode “Deal 25K – Past Pepsi”.

Singapore frog porridge

If you are tired of protein-rich dishes, you can try porridge dishes that are effective and light on the stomach. Soft and sweet rib porridge, fragrant herb porridge, or spicy frog porridge are the “number dzach” choices. The special and favorite dish of many young people must be Singapore frog porridge, with white porridge mixed with rich and spicy frog sauce, it’s hard to refuse. If you want to eat Singapore frog porridge, you can refer to a few options such as Mr Nghiem Saigon, Geylang Lor 9, Geylang Frog Porridge,…


If fruit is too familiar with desserts, why don’t you try more interesting dishes such as cakes (tiramisu, cream cakes…) mango…), ice cream or even a glass of greasy milk tea to fuel up for an evening with lots of activities.


More specifically, from July 18 to July 25, Mango Mango Tea brand also offers a discount from 29,000 VND to only 1 VND for a cup of Mango Mango Tea in size M, applicable for bills from 25,000. In a time of “price storm” like this, but you can still buy a cup of tea for 1 dong, it is true that you can only order on ShopeeFood, my friend. Don’t forget to choose to pay with ShopeePay wallet to receive more incentives from this e-wallet.


Not only providing users with a variety of food and restaurant options,… ShopeeFood also offers a series of “hot” deals during the ShopeeFood Festival – Craving for food on July 25 and July 26. Upcoming. The most notable in this program is the promotion of Phuc Long Milk Tea 1VND when purchased with Lotus Lotus Tea / Jasmine Tea / Lotus Tea / Longan Jasmine Tea / Peach Tea. Besides, there are incentives such as Brand discount 50%, Dual offer 1VND + Freeship, free shipping 35,000 VND,… Quickly book an appointment so as not to miss the opportunity to enjoy eating and drinking without worry ” wallet pain”. ShopeeFood has everything! Quickly order ShopeeFood on Shopee!

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