Starter pack for people looking for gems on Uniswap

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2021-03-22 00:17:58


Of course, no one “hands without the enemy” but digs for gems, because not careful, then you are the one to be dug. In this article, CHK will introduce you to some basic tools so that you can start your journey safely and with less risk.

Info Uniswap

Popular statistics page about these gem on uniswap. Here you will get basic information about the volume of transactions, the time the pool was created, the pool’s liquidity.

So from the 3 information you can learn anything?

Depending on the ability of each person to analyze, but most fundamentally you can see if this is a project that is attracting the attention of investors or not, if the trading volume is high plus the liquidity. The pool is high even though the time the pool is newly created it is most likely a gem.


To view information for 1 token, visit:

Replace xxxx with the contract address of the token.


One of the factors in evaluating whether a project is a gem is the development team’s long-term commitment to the project, there will be many evaluation factors but the liquidity key is one of the factors. important.

The longer the liquidity lock and the larger the quantity, the more the development team wants to go long-term with the project, because when locking the liquidity, the team is not just locking the token by the development team, but also by the development team. Next to it is an equivalent amount of ETH (or USDC / USDT.)


To check how much liquidity the group has locked out of a pool, check by going to the following link:

Replace xxxxx with pair’s address.

However, blocking liquidity does not guarantee that there will be no scam risks coming from scam groups. In fact, scam teams, after blocking their own liquidity, can mint an unlimited number of tokens and use it to withdraw the ETH in the pool. So you still need to check the smartcontract for abnormal functions.

Even though projects on uniswap have a much larger hype and price volatility than tokens on the exchange because of low liquidity – to some extent, the prices of those tokens have historically been effective. to predict future direction.

Line charts – the chart type used at uniswap provides less information than the candlestick charts that traders are still familiar with. Dextool was born to overcome that weakness.

With Dextool, investors can view volume and price movements at timeframes as small as 1m, 5m to get more information to make predictions.

To view the chart for 1 pair, visit:

Replace xxxx with pair’s address.


The tokens when listing on uniswap have a starting price. In the absence of external sources of tokens – for example private sale, public sale …, the listing price will be the lowest price of that token. If a project has good fundamentals – eg direction, problem the project will solve, development team listing … usually the price will not be lower than the listing uniswap level.

So every day, hundreds of tokens are listed on uniswap, how to filter out good tokens and buy it when it is listed on the exchange.

Tokenscan is a tool that helps you find new pools with specific conditions such as: minimum trading volume, minimum liquidity, minimum number of transactions and add pool time so you can find out the pool. New quality gem projects are listed on Uniswap.

Tokenscan also provides both a link to Uniswap Info and the Dextool of that token, in addition to adding a social search function for you to assess whether the token is being shill by big KOLs on twitter or not.


CHK hopes that with this starter pack you will find many quality projects, avoid scam tokens, increase the chances of success on the investment path.


The project information in the article is taken for the purpose of illustrating the features of the tools mentioned in the article. Therefore not considered investment advice.

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