Star Atlas announces DAO launch and marketplace refurbishment

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2022-07-26 07:02:43

Star Atlas, the potential metaverse game on Solana, has just announced the launch of DAO during a community event.

Star Atlas announces DAO launch and marketplace refurbishment

Solana metaverse platform Star Atlas announced the launch of the DAO organization during the 426LIVE event yesterday.

Accordingly, the DAO will use Star Atlas’ POLIS governance token to allow members to participate in the decision-making process. The DAO’s voting margin model is designed to favor members who have a long-standing belief in the project vision. The company has announced a maximum POLIS lock-in period of 5 years for those who want to participate in the DAO.

Star Atlas co-founder Michael Wagner said:

“Star Atlas vision is for a DAO of DAOs, operating at different levels, using multiple on-chain tools for asset and treasury management, coordinating activities using a non-traditional nature. centralized and trusted blockchain. We are committed to building these tools and making them available to the community over the coming months and years.”

Launched in 2020 by Wagner and Pablo Quiroga, Star Atlas is a metaverse set in the year 2620. The world is divided into three factions for resources, territory conquest, and political domination: the human-made MUD territory. ruled, the Ustur region belongs to sentient androids and the ONI region is ruled by alien beings.

However, this is not the only DAO planned for the Star Atlas metaverse. Each of the three factions in the game will have its own DAO, which is used for purposes such as setting and distributing taxes to their respective regions.

“In addition to the Star Atlas DAO for POLIS holders, other DAOs require players to have localization commitments in order to participate in their political rights. For example, only Ustur holders are allowed to join the Ustur DAO, and only landowners of a particular system have the right to vote on decisions of said system,” the company said.

In conjunction with the launch of the DAO, Star Atlas announced the enhancement of their Galactic Marketplace, their NFT exchange, with DAO support and a new interface. Players can now easily trade assets directly with other players.

In a related development, also yesterday Animoca Brands and several Web3 organizations formed the DAO OMA3 alliance, to strengthen efforts to develop standards for the metaverse industry.

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