Sony was sued because the Alpha a7 III’s poor shutter was repeatedly damaged

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2021-04-01 00:06:54

The Law Street Media page recently reported on the lawsuit by photographer John Guerriero against Sony Electronics about the camera. Alpha a7 III the manufacturer’s shutter has faulty, continuous damage that makes the camera unusable.

In the lawsuit, Mr. Guerriero said that Sony was a pioneer of the mirrorless camera movement, but neglected to deny the a7 III warranty when the product had a shutter error.

“The a7 III is much more compact and lighter than the DSLRs, making it a much better price tag – $ 2000. However a lot of buyers have had a shutter issue that makes it invaluable.” service, unless they pay an additional amount of up to $ 500 for repairs at a Sony service center. “

Sony says that the shutter in the a7 III can be used up to 200,000 times, but many people complained about it crashing a lot earlier before reaching this number.

“A lot of users say that their a7 III has a shutter failure after only 10,000 – 50,000 shots. The camera comes with a 1 year warranty, and the defect happens again after this period is over. . “

Sony is sued for the Alpha a7 III's poor shutter that keeps getting damaged - Photo 2.

The lawsuit also pointed out that this is an error in the mechanical design instead of an effect in normal use:

“Errors usually occur in a fixed way. Before the shutter goes down, the user will hear strange noises in the machine, the screen goes black, then a message about the machine malfunctioning, should be displayed. turn it off and on again before use. “

Sony is sued for the Alpha a7 III's poor shutter that keeps getting damaged - Photo 3.

The shutter has been dislodged from its normal position and jammed

“When the user takes off the lens, they will find that the shutter is pulled out of position, even torn in half like in the photos below.”

Sony is sued for the Alpha a7 III's poor shutter that keeps getting damaged - Photo 4.

In a few cases the a7 IIi shutter even gets torn out like this

There are a few theories as to why the a7 III’s shutter is so fragile.

“The fact that the camera’s shutter is positioned forward more than usual causes it to hit the edge behind the mount, freeze and lead to damage. It’s also possible that Sony used material with poor durability to make the shutter release. , easily broken when sand or dust falls. “

Some a7 III users reported that they had to turn off the electronic front-door shutter (EFCS) feature to solve the aforementioned problem, but doing so would create more noise, distracting from good wedding photography. in places where silence is needed. Some people have even tried to fix it themselves after having trouble, leading to the loss of warranty benefits.

Mr. Guerriero filed a lawsuit against himself as well as all a7 III users in New York City, wishing to get explanation from Sony as well as adequate repairs and compensation.

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