Snapshot deploys voting results security feature

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2022-07-19 00:33:39

Voting platform Snapshot has introduced a security mechanism that allows DAO organizations to encrypt user votes.

Snapshot deploys voting results security feature

During the voting process, if the final result has not been determined, the percentage of votes cast at that time will be hidden. After the results are finalized, the percentage of votes will be announced, along with the calculation of the weight for each wallet address.

Snapshot is one of the most popular voting tools in the current crypto community. This off-chain voting platform is used by hundreds of DAO organizations. Through the snapshot, these organizations can collect votes to implement upcoming roadmaps, or fund allocation plans for the DAO.

Before that, anyone could track the distribution of votes between wallets. Although this approach helps with transparency, this information somehow influences the decisions of the following voting wallets.

A Snapshot representative said that in some cases, votes can also be purchased, or coordinated to best benefit a specific individual or group. Therefore, the security of this information helps to limit many of the above risks.

To implement this security feature, Snapshot has partnered with Shutter Network, which will encrypt information about voting results.

On the admin side, they can enable this feature from their interactive interface. The security feature is currently in Closed Beta testing and is expected to be available to users next week.

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