Should I join MCN TikTok? Melive Network MCN TikTok leading in Vietnam

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2022-08-01 07:42:40

(CHK) TikTok is the most popular and dynamic social network for young people today. Currently, TikTok has companies called MCN TikTok (short for Multi-channel Network) that are an intermediary bridge between TikTokers and TikTok’s management system. MCN on TikTok will be responsible for managing, developing and supporting channels on TikTok to develop with diverse content according to trends depending on each field.

Any questions related to profits on channels, accounts, …. TikToker can directly contact MCN for quick support. MCN will receive and quickly solve user problems. So participating in the MCN of Tiktokers will be greatly supported.

Melive Network – the official partner of TikTok Shop in Vietnam, is a network of content creators who participate in commercial livestreams on TikTok. (MCN & TSP)

Melive Network supports content creators and sellers to set up, optimize and develop commercial livestream activities on Tiktok, especially Tiktok Shop.

Melive: Vietnam Premier KOL livestream Commerce Network

Melive will support you when joining the Network:

  • Create and operate TikTok Shop
  • Searching and censoring quality Affiliate sources
  • Professional Livestream training, consulting and operation
  • Support Livestream together to increase interaction
  • Optimize shopping cart on TikTok shop
  • Optimize and improve the efficiency of Livestream
  • Ads increase Livestream and video views
  • Cross-promoting between Creators in Network

To learn more about Melive Network, you can refer here

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