“selling onion” to a piano, making fanciful sounds for Halo Infinite

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2021-03-26 22:07:20

343 Industries’ Halo Infinite development, not only thick lines of code, but also the sound of the piano.

Warning: The images below can bring low notes to the ears of music lovers.

See 343 Industries hitting music.

But the 343 sound crews aren’t just using the piano as their stress relief target. Before they got out of hand, they placed a speaker in the keyboard, using it as a resonator. Placed on the piano body with large pieces of dry rock, the group recorded interesting sounds…. According to the developer, the piano was “offers a great deal of singing, roaring, screams and the sound intervals between them“. Interestingly, the developers of Death Stranding also performed similar experiments.

Watch 343 Industries play music: sell onions for a piano, get ghostly sounds for Halo Infinite - Photo 3.

The Sony development team hits the guitar with a sledgehammer …

Watch 343 Industries play out music: sell onions for a piano, get ghostly sounds for Halo Infinite - Photo 4.

In addition to the piano demolition, netizens interview 343 Industries also talked more deeply about the work of making sound in the game, like the difference of gunfire between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite in development, or about The sound system helps to simulate how sound travels in a game’s environment, besides the differences between the sound in single player and multiplayer. 343 added that Halo Infinite will support virtual surround sound technology of Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic and DTS HeadphoneX.

If you are interested in making sound and music for the game, learn more at this link, you will surely find interesting things.

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