See Nokia N72 5G: Compact design like iPhone SE 3, hardware comparable to Xiaomi 12 “

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2022-01-27 02:56:22

For most users born in the 80s and 90s, the Nokia mobile phone brand used to be a dominant presence in the mobile phone industry. However, Nokia gradually lagged behind in the market due to deviations in development strategy and system that made people sigh.

The legendary Nokia N72 for a while

In fact, Nokia at that time had many classic phone models, including the Nokia N72 5G mobile phone which attracted a lot of users to buy because of its excellent quality and exquisite appearance.

Recently, the international media has revealed a set of design photos of the new Nokia N72 5G model, making many users feel “tearful”. So what’s special about the configuration of the Nokia N72 5G. Let’s get into the specifics.

Nokia N72 5G Design

Nokia N72 5G will use a “pocket” design in favor of compactness and convenience like Apple’s iPhone Mini or iPhone SE. If you look closely, you can see that it still retains the DNA of the Nokia N72 launched in 2006.

On the front, the new Nokia N72 5G will use a screen with a refresh rate of 1440P at 120 Hz, and a pixel density as high as 667PPI. It will have a screen of only 4 inches, so with the above pixel density, the sharpness of the screen is great and somewhat higher than the industry average.

The back of the device will be a camera cluster placed in a slide to keep the lenses safe and only open when there is a need to use.

Nokia N72 5G Hardware

Because of its launch at this time, the new Nokia N72 will definitely have to be equipped with 5G technology if it does not want to continue on the path of lagging behind.

The new Nokia N72 5G version will use a trio of high-speed processors including Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, LPDDR5 technology RAM and UFS3.1 internal memory. This trio will fully meet consumers’ daily phone usage needs with the fastest data processing speed.

Regarding the camera, the new Nokia N72 will use a combination of the front-facing camera with a resolution of 20MP located in the thick border on the top of the device. Meanwhile, the rear camera uses a “68 MP (main) + 40 MP super wide-angle camera module and a 20 MP telephoto lens.

This module will support triple optical zoom. In addition, the 5G version of the Nokia N72 phone will also receive Zeiss certification, in general, the photography capabilities of the Nokia N72 5G phone will be very promising and impressive.

Regarding battery life, the new Nokia N72 is equipped with a 4200 mAh battery, the charging speed is unknown. Despite such a large battery, the Nokia N72 will still be very thin and light in anticipation that it may be 7mm thinner than the new iPhone 13.


Basically, if it becomes true, Nokia N72 5G will definitely create a storm in the smartphone village with the above impressive design and features. In particular, if this product is priced from 399 USD (about 9 million VND, it will make a great match with the iPhone SE 3 – also said to be launched in 2022.

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