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2021-03-22 00:17:35

What is Safepal?

Safepal was born with the aim of building an ecosystem around their wallet products, and providing a better experience for users when using cold wallets to store cryptocurrencies.

Safepal is built on four basic factors:

  • Safepal Wallet: The project will provide users with a non-custodian storage wallet solution with the following elements: security, diverse coin holdings and user friendliness.
  • Safepal Wealth: A powerful platform for users to manage crypto assets. Users can buy, trade and swap and use many different Dapps.
  • SFP token: SFP token is the core incentive to develop Safepal’s products and services. The SFP token is a tool to help the community participate in the project governance process.
  • Ecosystem: includes the partners, developers, and communities who build ecosystems around Safepal.

What value does Safepal bring to users?

Safepal offers value to their users by focusing on three factors:

  • Secure: Security is one of the key factors users care about when managing their crypto assets. Safepal’s technology is built to protect users from attacks targeting their crypto assets.
  • User Experience: Safepal gives users the easiest way to manage their crypto assets.
  • Completeness: Safepal provides a complete platform for managing all types of crypto assets. Users do not need to migrate their assets to other platforms to join Defi applications.

What does Safepal products include?

SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet

Integrated with many security technologies: EAL5 + chip, TRNG, self-destruct mechanism.

Management via Safepal app, including mobile-friendly.

Support 20 coins, 10,000+ tokens and all NFT standards.

Price $ 39.99.

SafePal Cypher Metallic Seed Board

Made from 304 stainless steel.

Anti-water, anti-oxidation, anti-fire.

Price $ 39.99.

SafePal Leather Cover

Premium leather material.

Protect cold wallet from impact, water.

Price $ 9.99.

Safepal Software Wallet

Safepal’s cold wallet management application with 3 features: decentralized, secure, easy to use.

Safepal App

Handy crypto management app that allows trading, swapping and linking to use the Dapps.

Safepal App has 3 main functions:

  • Safepal Swap: is an automated marketplace creation protocol that allows users to swap coins / tokens between different blockchains.
  • Safepal trade: integrated with Binance Trading Platform.
  • Safepal Earn: is a profit aggregator that allows staking crypto assets for a profit.

What is SFP token?

SFP token is a utility token used as the operating fuel for the Safepal ecosystem.

What is SFP used for?

Fees & discounts

Users can use SFP to get discounted when buying products Safepal wallet or when using Safepal Swap.

Bonus program

Users can use Safepal to receive coupons or receive additional rewards from Safepal Earn Programs.

Rewards & Incentives

SFP token holders will be given priority to receive incentive such as airdrops from ecosystem partners, staking rewards, or limited Safepal NFTs.

Community Governance

SFP token holder has the right to create proposal or vote for new features.

Minimum 500,000 SFP token is required to submit proposal.

Basic information about SFP

  • Ticker: SFP
  • Contract address: updating
  • Decimals: updating
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20.
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Total supply: 500,000,000 SFP
  • Circulation supply: updating

Token Allocation

Token Safepal allocation scheme

  • 20% is distributed for the cost of operating and expanding the business of the project
  • 20% is distributed to the project development team
  • 15% is distributed to the community and the airdrop
  • 15% is distributed for product marketing activities
  • 15% is sold to strategic investors
  • 10% is sold through public sale
  • 5% is distributed to partnerships and ecosystem development activities

Token Release Schedule

Token Safepal Release Schedule

How to own SFP token?

Join Safepal’s Airdrop Round 2 program (Starting from January 31, 2021)

  • You can follow detailed information about the airdrop program at this link:

Join Binance Launchpool to receive SFP

  • Information about Binance Launchpool:

Token Name: SafePal (SFP)

Launchpad Hard Cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard Cap Per User: 20,000 USD (200,000 SFP)

Total Token Supply: 500,000,000 SFP

Total Tokens Allocated to Binance Launchpad: 50,000,000 SFP (10% of Total Token Supply)

Public Sale Token Price: 1 SFP = 0.10 USD Token Sale Format: Subscription

Supported Sessions: BNB only

What will the future of the Safepal project be?

The Future of Token Safepal

In the future Safepal will develop many new features, with the SFP token at the core of the Safepal ecosystem. You can follow the image above to see the features that will be coming in the near future.

Safepal Earn is a key feature that will be released in Q1-2021.

SafePal Earn is the DeFi and CeFi profit aggregator that helps users earn extra profit by holding crypto assets.

Users will be able to choose different asset management schemes with different APYs.

When SafePal Earn launches, SFP token holders will enjoy additional profits from their selected programs.


Roadmap Safepal Token


Through this article, you probably have some visualization of the complete ecosystem Safepal when built, what would xon look like. What we now need to do is track the next development of the project, and consider the level of user adoption to make the appropriate investment decisions for us. This article is for informational purposes only, not investment advice. CHK will not be responsible for any investment decisions made by you. I wish you success and make a lot of profits from this potential market.

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