Registration process to become an Ambassador of CoinEx exchange

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2022-07-24 18:56:40

CoinEx launches CoinEx Ambassador program (special futures program) with the goal of building a team of Ambassadors who share the same vision and ideals of cryptocurrency trading.

Registration process to become an Ambassador of CoinEx exchange

The leading exchange CoinEx officially launched the program to recruit platform ambassadors from July 21 to 20/20/2022. During this time, CoinEx Ambassadors can earn 60% commission on futures trading fees once they sign up and start trading on the exchange.

In other words, all qualified users can become CoinEx Ambassadors and invite friends or other investors to join futures trading and share in profits.

To begin with, candidates must be individuals with more than 3,000 followers or administrators of crypto communities or social media groups with 500 or more members. In addition, foundations/organizations can also apply to participate in this program.

CoinEx Ambassadors will enjoy the following benefits:

  • During the 3 months of the program, CoinEx Ambassadors will receive 60% of the commission from the futures trading fees incurred by the referred users (note: the commission is calculated from the date the candidate’s application is approved. );
  • CoinEx Ambassadors can recommend friends to join the program and receive a 5% referral commission on all commissions they earn;
  • CoinEx Ambassadors also enjoy CoinEx’s Futures Trial Fund as well as event participation privileges, holiday gifts, etc.

According to CoinEx official instructions, users can become CoinEx Ambassadors through the following steps:

  • Sign up for a CoinEx account at;
  • Visit CoinEx Ambassadors page the referral code “futures”, then click [Apply] and fill out the registration form;
  • Receive a CoinEx welcome email once the application is approved;
  • Click [Account]choose [Referral Commission] and copy the code or referral link.

In the current market landscape, CoinEx Ambassador represents a great opportunity to increase profits. Influential KOLs that are eligible for the program only need to go through a simple registration process to start earning referral commissions.

About CoinEx and ViaBTC’s Ecosystem

CoinEx is a professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider with a global scale of operations. CoinEx exchange was established on 12/2017, and is headquartered in Hong Kong. CoinEx is developed by elite staff in various fields such as Blockchain, finance and services. CoinEx is a member of ViaBTC ecosystem which includes: CoinEx Cryptocurrency Exchange, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), OneSwap Decentralized Exchange, ViaBTC Pool, ViaWallet Wallet, Investment Fund ViaBTC Capital investment.

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