Red Kite selects projects based on what criteria?

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2022-07-27 07:06:58

Red Kite always select projects through a rigorous review process to bring the best quality initiatives to the community. So what is the foundation usually based on?

Red Kite selects projects based on what criteria?


  • Creative innovation: A project has potential when the idea is to fill a missing piece of infrastructure, either as a tool to help solve existing problems or to create entirely new opportunities. If the project is similar to some of the already existing initiatives, it needs to have out-of-the-box features, skilled staff, and other factors that can compete with other market leaders.
  • Practice: There are many innovative and original blockchain technology ideas out there. However, we may reject a project if it is too isolated from the product market or has an unrealistic vision. The project should refer to concepts that have been successfully applied in the market such as Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn, sidechainThe practicality of the technology also needs to be taken into account. Is that technology available? If it’s completely new, is there a copyright registration?
  • Trend / Demand: If a product meets the user’s needs and trends, then there is a high probability of success. Therefore, Red Kite will confidently choose a project with an idea like this.


People are the core factor in the operation and development of the project. The competitive advantage of project teams will be considered based on their relevant experience, market understanding, adaptability, enthusiasm and dedication to product development. It’s important for Red Kite to not only look for projects that have a chance of success, but also find people who are really excited about blockchain and want to add value to the industry.

Roadmap and progress

Red Kite will welcome projects of any level of development. However, all initiatives must be able to demonstrate alignment between disclosure strategy and internal development progress. A detailed and realistic roadmap is a fundamental requirement during project evaluation.

Project Documentation

The most common method to learn about a project is to visit their website, research, and read related materials. Therefore, it will be a big minus point if the project does not invest in website design, whitepaper, pitch deck… Moreover, the documents are presented clearly and concisely, which will help partners and investors easily. approach and grasp the project intent, thereby opening up more possibilities for cooperation in the future.

About Red Kite

Red Kite is a launchpad developed by PolkaFoundry as part of the Polkadot ecosystem. Projects on the Red Kite platform are carefully selected through a rigorous moderation process, which takes into account the following criteria for the origin of the project teams to legitimacy and performance. Projects raising capital through the Red Kite platform will be supported by a network of leading Marketing partners in the crypto market.

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