Reasons to buy Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in July: Extremely ‘chestnut’ price, super quality camera ‘intimidating’ iPhone 12

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2022-07-19 12:50:48

Galaxy Note 20 is Samsung’s last Note series released in August 2020. No new Galaxy Note will be launched in 2021. And this year, Samsung has made the Galaxy S22 Ultra the spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note. However, there is no denying the attraction of the Note series when it is still chosen by many Samfans because of its nostalgic design, many handy features and powerful configuration.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra price in July

In mid-July, the price of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra continued to “plunge”, only from VND 19,150,000, VND 10 million cheaper than the listed price at launch. Compared to iPhone 12 with the same capacity, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is also nearly 3 million dong cheaper but has many outstanding features such as large screen and RAM, buffalo battery, high-end camera and especially the presence of the legendary S-Pen.

Outstanding features of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Elegant design with high-end screen

As the most advanced product of the Note series, Note 20 Ultra possesses an extremely luxurious design with glass and metal materials. Not stopping there, the rounded lines are also meticulously completed by Samsung to bring a most perfect design at the time of launch.

Outstanding screen quality is always a strong point on all Samsung flagships and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is no exception with extremely vibrant, vivid colors, excellent viewing angles and very high contrast levels. .

Samsung also did not forget to integrate 120Hz refresh rate for Note 20 Ultra. But like the S20 Ultra, users will have to make a trade-off if they want to use 120Hz, the screen resolution is only Full-HD + and if they need 3K resolution, the scanning frequency is only 60Hz.

Powerful chipset, beautifully balanced for all tasks

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra retains the same processor as the S20 Ultra, the Exynos 990, but the performance has been improved by 30 to 40% compared to before. For those who have experienced the S20 Ultra and switched to using the Note 20 Ultra, they will immediately feel the difference through the basic tasks of sending messages, Messenger, etc. to heavy tasks such as playing Lien Quan games. Mobile, PUBG Mobile,..

Impressive sound, large storage capacity

In addition to the configuration, the sound is also a very impressive point on the Note 20 Ultra. The dual speaker cluster makes the volume loud and clear, the bass is reproduced very impressively compared to a very small speaker cluster in the phone. Besides, Samsung also upgraded the internal memory to 256GB for all versions of Note 20-Series sold genuine in Vietnam.

S-Pen has many improvements

The biggest improvement of this year’s S-Pen is that Samsung has increased the sensitivity to 9ms, so it feels closer to writing than regular pens. Besides, the company also added some gestures, but from a practical use perspective, the new feature probably won’t be used by many people often.

High-end camera cluster affirms the flagship class

Camera parameters on the Note 20 Ultra still provide a very practical experience for users. Still a 108MP sensor with a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP periscope lens capable of 5X Optical Zoom. Samsung has limited the Note 20 Ultra’s Zoom ability to only 50x, but this is true and necessary because 100x does not provide good quality for users to use.

Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in July

In general, for a user who uses the phone for work, the performance of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is more than enough, there is no need to worry too much, above all, the actual experience and what it brings. optimize your work. So, with a price of more than 19 million at the present time, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still completely enough to make the iPhone 12 “tremble”. In particular, if you are a “hard fan” of Samsung’s Note series, you certainly won’t want to miss this last legendary Note.

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