Practical technology gifts that every new student dreams of!

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2022-08-01 01:53:44

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Laptops (laptops) are always an effective assistant in the learning journey at the lecture hall when serving a variety of needs for information retrieval, project work or presentation. When choosing a laptop as a gift, in addition to common criteria such as size or price, you should learn more about the field of study to choose the most suitable product for the recipient.

For example, in economic, cultural or foreign languages, the main demand is to use Microsoft Office office applications, so a lightweight, highly portable and stable performance laptop will be the right choice. In contrast, with engineering, graphics or architecture, you will need a product with a powerful configuration and display technology superior to the popular lines.

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If you are looking for an option that meets both the criteria of form and performance well, the Macbook Air M1 will be a suggestion worth considering. Not only has the advantage of being Apple’s leading thin and light laptop, this product is also equipped with an M1 chip with a completely new ARM architecture, which helps the machine operate strongly, and also scores with a battery life of up to 18 hours. In addition, the Retina display with 25% wider color gamut than sRGB, coupled with True Tone technology on the M1 will deliver impressively sharp images for an immersive visual experience.


For new students entering the university lecture hall, smartphones will be a top priority, especially for those who have to live far away from their families. In addition to the role of keeping in touch, supporting learning or entertainment tasks, smartphones are also a useful device to help you look up information, find directions, order food and pay online.

Referring to smartphones for students, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G will be a “candidate” with 10 points in terms of quality, design and price.

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Launched in early 2022, the Galaxy A53 5G is currently the cult “trump card” of the Galaxy A segment when it is favored with a series of top new technologies but has an extremely affordable price. Powered by the Exynos 1280 octa-core processor, this smartphone series possesses powerful and smooth multi-tasking capabilities, helping to serve up to two stages of learning and entertainment. Besides, the cluster of 4 64MP OIS cameras and a series of advanced AI equipment also help young people unleash their creativity and enjoy the ultimate mobile photography experience.

Wireless headphones

This compact and versatile accessory will be a trendy and practical gift for “rookies”. Wireless headphones not only support young people in online classes or group exchanges, but also are useful means for listening to music, watching movies and practicing sports.

Apple and Samsung are the two brands holding the top-selling headset products today. With the “apple” house, even though it has been released for more than 3 years, the AirPods Gen 2 wireless headset still maintains a strong attraction thanks to its vivid sound technology, durable battery life and seamless experience of Apple. Apple ecosystem.

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In addition, the generations of Galaxy Buds/ Buds Live/ Buds Pro of the “giant” Samsung technology are also “magnets” for young people thanks to their trendy design, surreal studio-standard sound quality that comes with many Outstanding hands-free convenience.

In addition to the above suggestions, products such as tablets, smart watches, multi-port chargers, mice, and keyboards are also useful technology devices that anyone should consider as gifts for newcomers. student. Especially when shopping, don’t forget to take advantage of offers when paying with QR Scan & Pay feature on Shopee app to spend smart and save.

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