People ‘heartbroken’ before Nokia 3310 4G, design and configuration make iPhone 13 ‘fall down’

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2022-07-21 18:59:44

Nokia is currently very successful with its low-cost smartphone strategy. The giant once also announced a break with high-end smartphones. Even so, many users still hope Nokia can introduce a high-end Nokia phone in its own right.

This has led to the concept of Nokia 3310 with a completely new design and configuration supported by many fans of Nokia phones.

Nokia 3310 . Design

According to the creator of the concept, the Nokia 3310 will bring a completely new design. It will follow the iPhone to be able to catch up with the trend and that is a design with a square body instead of a curved one. In fact, users can now see Nokia’s recently launched Nokia C21 Plus also having square borders.

Meanwhile, the frame material will be made of metal, bringing a sense of luxury and enjoyment when held in the hand. The metal design also makes the Nokia 3310 more durable and resistant to the elements.

Nokia 3310 configuration

Expected to be a flagship, if launched, Nokia 3310 will need to carry the most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip in the Android world today. This could help it easily face other Android rivals or the iPhone 13.

The Nokia 3310 is also expected to come with a flat screen with extremely thin bezels similar to the Galaxy S22 – Samsung’s flagship flagship. In fact, many smartphone giants have now abandoned curved screens, so the flat screen solution is also very reasonable for Nokia 3310.

However, it is described as having a screen of only 4 inches – super compact. However, because the screen border is very thin, the visual effects will still be expected.

The photography capabilities of Nokia mobile phones have always been distinctive. Therefore, Nokia 3310 is expected to have at least the same camera configuration as the Nokia G50 and use Zeiss lenses for both lenses, both 40MP. This camera will also support macro shooting,

There’s no telephoto lens, but 3x optical zoom is also possible. The specifications of a camera lens are very powerful and worth the wait if it comes to fruition.

Price of Nokia 3310 can be launched?

Nokia 3310 is really an interesting concept, although what about the configuration is quite bold and difficult to come true. If launched, the price of Nokia 3310 is expected to range from 10-15 million dong, enough for it to compete with iPhone 13 and other Android flagships from China with cheap prices.

Regarding the launch, since this is just a concept, we will hardly see the Nokia 3310 launch soon. However, with recent good business results, it is likely that in the next 1-2 years, Nokia will launch a flagship like the Nokia 3310.

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