People are ‘crazy’ before the ‘extreme product’ Honda Dream is enchanting, priced up to hundreds of millions of dong

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2022-08-05 14:01:43

(CHK) Although it is priced almost as expensive as a Kia Morning, the owner of the Honda Dream car decided not to sell it for this reason.

The Honda Dream series has long been a favorite and sought-after name by many Vietnamese customers, even though it is no longer produced in the Vietnamese market. Recently, a Honda Dream was valued at up to VND 300 million – almost as expensive as a Kia Morning car, which surprised many people.

The Honda Dream is causing a fever on social networks

Accordingly, this “super product” Honda Dream has been “cleaned up” and “padded” with a series of expensive toys. Besides, the value of this Honda Dream has also increased significantly thanks to the fourth quarter number plate. Because of this “rarity”, the owner of the Honda Dream has refused to sell and keep it for the purpose of collecting even though it has been purchased. up to 300 million VND.

Honda Dream owns a sea of ​​five quarters

The Honda Dream in the article has an eye-catching yellow tone, but the car stamp remains original. The front end of the car has not changed much in design but has been modified in some details such as Takasago Excel wheels, Dunlop TT900 tires, Barracuda handlebars. The bib on this valuable Honda Dream has also been removed, making the overall appearance of the car more “thorny” and “naked”.

Some highlights on the Honda Dream

At the rear of the car, this Honda Dream does not have many significant changes except for the 2543 exhaust system to make the sound stronger and the Ohlins fork to replace the original fork. In general, with these items, the Honda Dream is indeed a “super product” that the super car enthusiasts dream of.

Honda Dream has no engine changes

The engine on this Honda Dream remains original. Honda Dream uses a single cylinder engine block, SOHC, 97cc capacity. With this engine block, Honda Dream has a maximum capacity of 8 horsepower and maximum torque of 8.1 Nm. The engine block on Honda Dream is combined with a 4-speed ring gearbox. Currently, this terrible price Honda Dream is still receiving the attention of many people.

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