Overview of Zaptos Finance (ZPT) project

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2022-07-28 07:10:43

The Liquidity Staking platform is one of the infrastructures for the development of an ecosystem. For the Aptos ecosystem, the Zaptos Finance project is one of the first. Let’s find out with CHK this Zaptos Finance project.

Zaptos Finance

Zaptos Finance project overview

What is Zaptos Finance?

Zaptos Finance is a non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on top of Aptos. Users use Zaptos Finance to be able to deposit assets (APTOS) and receive a derivative IOU (e.g. stAPTOS or zAPTOS) that can be used in decentralized finance or applications built on the Aptos chain .

In general, Zaptos Finance is quite similar to Dapps such as: LiNEAR on Near Protocol, and Lido on Ethereum. With this form of Liquidity Staking will create an opportunity for you not to be buried when holding a project token and at the same time can maximize your profits.

This form is quite similar to the Lido Finance solution on the Ethereum ecosystem: you can learn more here: Project Decoding: Lido Finance (Lido DAO) – Open the door to Ethereum 2.0 – CHK

Special features of Zaptos Finance

Zaptos Finance offers three strategic advantages to the Aptos Community:

  • Instant Liquidity – instant liquidity: Get back a certificate for your location called zAPTOS and use it in DeFi.
  • Decentralization – Decentralization: Open source code, direct liquidity to more than 1000 validators.
  • Community Owned – owned by the community: The DAO structure allows the community to direct the development of the entire project and ecosystem.

Features of Zaptos Finance

Features of Zaptos Finance
Features of Zaptos Finance


Zaptos Finance allows users to stake their tokens for daily staking rewards, and there is no minimum for staking tokens on Zaptos.

Mint – release

When Staking, Zaptos Finance will issue staked tokens at a ratio of 1:1 to the amount you originally staked. Your Staked Tokens can be used throughout the DeFi ecosystem to increase your profits.


Zaptos Finance allows users to receive daily rewards from staking, and use these rewards to participate in other DeFi applications on the Aptos ecosystem.

Basic information about ZPT . token

ZPT . Token Specifications

  • Name: Zaptos
  • Ticker: ZPT
  • Blockchain: Aptos
  • Token Standard: Updating
  • Contract: Updating
  • Token Type: Utility, governance token
  • Total Supply: Updating
  • Circulating Supply: Updating

Distribution of ZPT . tokens

Distribution of ZPT . tokens
Distribution of ZPT . tokens

Community: 60%

  • Liquidity Mining: 30%
  • Treasury: 25%
  • IDO: 5%

Team: 25%

Investors : 15%

  • Seeds: 10%
  • Future Strategy Round: 5%

ZPT . token unlocking schedule

The number of ZPT tokens that the team holds will be gradually unlocked according to:

  • First year: 50%
  • Second year: 25%
  • Third year: 12.5%
  • Fourth year: 12.5%

Uses of the ZPT . token

Zaptos Token (ZPT) receives revenue from Zaptos Finance and distributes 20% of revenue to share with ZPT token holders. ZPT token holders must stake their tokens in Zaptos to receive rewards.

Zaptos . project development roadmap

Updating …

Zaptos . project development team

Updating …

Investors and development partners

Investors and development partners
Investors and development partners

Zaptos Finance has the support from the development team of Big Brain Holdings – one of the investment communities that many people are interested in on Twitter.

What is the future of Zaptos? Should I invest in ZPT tokens?

The Liquid Staking Zaptos project is one of the basic infrastructure solutions for developing and expanding the ecosystem. However, problems in DeFi always exist, so users need to be careful when making decisions to use or invest in projects.

Through this article, you have somewhat grasped the basic information about the project to make your own investment decisions. CHK is not responsible for any of your investment decisions. Wish you success and make a lot of profit from this potential market.

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