Oasis x Meta builds platform to protect Instagram user information

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2022-07-30 07:18:45

Oasis Labs partnered with Meta to build a platform that uses secure multi-party computing (SMPC) to protect user information.

Oasis Labs x Meta AI builds platform to protect Instagram user information

Last night (July 28), Oasis announced its partnership with Meta and launched a platform to evaluate fairness in products and protect privacy for Instagram users.

Under the partnership agreement, Oasis Labs will build a platform that uses secure multi-party computing (SMPC) to protect Instagram user information. This first platform will play a key role in determining if an AI model is fair and appropriately mitigating.

Currently Meta is opening a survey for those who are using Instagram. The data will be collected and aggregated by a third party survey service provider and Meta will not be able to know the results of the user poll.

The cryptographic techniques being used on the platform, at the scale at which they will be used, are unprecedented. This is the beginning of a new journey. Esteban Arcuate, Director of AI at Meta said:

“We are always working to demonstrate the benefits AI will bring to people and society, which requires deep collaboration both internally and externally. Secure Multi-Stakeholder Computing is a privacy-focused approach developed in partnership with Oasis Labs that enables fairness-based performance measurement while preserving user privacy. top priority.”

Professor Dawn Song, Founder of Oasis Labs shared:

“Together with Meta, we will explore privacy protection approaches for more complex studies. With the desire to reach billions of people everywhere in the world, we hope to explore novel applications of emerging and blockchain-powered Web3 technologies. The goal is to provide even more global reach, auditability, and transparency to data collection and their use in measurement.”

Decentralized and Web3 has the ability to reach individuals worldwide. When combined with data privacy, this opens up the possibility for companies to reach global audiences, use highly sensitive data to protect privacy, and build great products. rather than treating everyone equally.

Oasis has announced AI development cooperation with Meta since November 2021, but the announcement made at that time did not bring about a positive response. Meanwhile, as soon as the partnership was spread last night, ROSE rose more than 35% and is currently trading around the $0.072 mark.

1h chart of the ROSE/USDT pair on Binance at 10:10 AM on July 29, 2022

Also yesterday, Meta released its financial report for the second quarter of 2022 with unsatisfactory results. The metaverse development unit of Meta, Reality Labs, continues to be a “black hole” with a loss of up to $2.8 billion, but the CEO is still very optimistic and reassures investors to continue waiting for the company to break out. break.

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