Now you can see the effects of a magnetic field as well!

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2021-03-30 09:36:36

Humanity’s first image of a cosmic black hole has just a little more clarity. When experts working at the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) first published the historical photo, many people were excited, but many were disappointed when the technology had not yet created the picture. photo as expected.

Just recently, experts have added light polarization to a photo posted in 2019, showing how the magnetic field moves around a black hole.

The new image shows the black hole’s magnetic field.

There is not much data available regarding the physical factors related to the gas that travels around the black hole”, Said Sara Issaoun, an expert in the black hole research team at EHT. “Looking at the polarized light, we see information regarding the black hole’s magnetic field“.

EHT uses a network of eight telescopes scattered on the ground to observe space; in other words, they turned the Earth into a giant radio telescope, “seeing” through the supermassive black hole located at the center of the galaxy M87, 55 million light years away from us. The light that the EHT collects is emitted from electrons as they accelerate in the black hole’s magnetic field, and the direction of the magnetic field is shown through light polarizations.

Measuring this amount of polarized light, the EHT team found that magnetic fields have magnetic induction in the range 1-30 gauss, which is about 50 times the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field when measured at two poles (which is the magnetic point). the strongest Earth field).

Polarized light curves back into a spiral. They tell us how stable the magnetic field around the black hole is, and this is important because only a stable magnetic field can shoot out the beam – a disturbed magnetic field cannot.“, Ms. Issaoun commented.

Several black holes, including the supermassive black hole of the galaxy M87, are capable of emitting jets of matter; Until now, we still do not understand this mechanism of black holes. The researchers assume that magnetic fields play a large role in ray-shaping and emitting, however, by supporting the theory is still limited.

Graphical update for humanity's first black hole photo: now the effects of magnetic fields are also visible!  - Photo 2.

Mankind’s first black hole photo.

Graphical update for humanity's first black hole photo: now the effects of magnetic fields are also visible!  Photo 3.

Supermassive black holes in the galaxy M87 over the years.

The production of matter rays is truly astonishing – something about the size of our Solar System can shoot out a beam that flies across the galaxy, even even through neighboring galaxies.“Miss Issaboun said. “When we have seen the black hole’s magnetic field with our own eyes, and then linked it to the matter beam – the most energetic process in the universe.“.

Black hole’s magnetic field measurement allows researchers to dismiss false assumptions about how black holes work and the formation of matter rays. When compared with a total of 120 simulated models, the team found only 15 of them matched the data collected.

It is not clear whether these patterns match the way most black holes work, or if they just represent how the black holes at M87 work. Based on the data obtained so far, the scientists determined that most black holes that emit powerful rays of matter will be similar to those in the galaxy M87.

When a few more telescopes are added to the EHT array, science will determine how black holes emit matter jets. Hope this project will bear fruit soon.

According to New Scientist

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