NFT OpenSea users have large-scale data leaks

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2022-07-02 17:58:40

NFT marketplace OpenSea platform has discovered that a partner’s employees intentionally leaked user data to the outside.

OpenSea exposes user information

On the morning of June 30, OpenSea posted a notice that an employee of Customer.iois the company’s third-party partner, “misused my access to download and share OpenSea user emails to outsiders.”

OpenSea warns that all users who provide email to the platform may be affected by this action. The company has sent notices to users who discovered the email leak. Accordingly, to avoid receiving spam or fraudulent emails, OpenSea users should change the email associated with the exchange.

Currently, OpenSea and are investigating the incident and have notified the authorities.

Some of the security recommendations given by today’s largest NFT marketplace platform include:

  • It is advisable to check carefully when receiving emails from OpenSea to avoid being scammed.
  • Never download anything from OpenSea emails.
  • No response to a request for a seed phrase from OpenSea.
  • Do not approve transactions for wallets from OpenSea emails.

At the beginning of this year, in February, OpenSea also had to go through a “big storm” when it suffered a phishing attack, losing up to 641 ETH, equivalent to $ 1.7 million and many NFTs of value. The case came to an end when hackers successfully transferred stolen NFTs and laundered money through Tornado Cash. Similarly, the bad guy’s way is to impersonate OpenSea’s email and send permission requests to users to take control of their wallets.

Although the NFT market has cooled down significantly in the past time when the transaction volume dropped sharply, OpenSea continues to make major updates such as switching to the SeaPort platform, supporting NFT on Solana and acquiring the total project. NFT combination.

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