Mining Ethereum Faster than Boiling with Minergate mining

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2021-03-22 05:32:36

Ethereum has always been a coin dominating the market is very much interested by cryptocurrency investors. The following article we will provide complete information about How to mine Ethereum (ETH) using Minergate the most detailed and easy. Please tinquisitive.

ETH (Ethereum) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency created under an open basic chain distributed computing platform operating on smart contracts. Born in 2013 by Vitalik Buter, after a few years, Ethereum has become an extremely popular coin. Several countries around the world are considering including coins in traditional money replacement payment systems. Considered as Bitcoin 2.0, Ethereum has been trusted by many investors and expected to overtake Bitcoin soon.

Instructions for mining Ethereum with Minergate

Step 1: Visit: to proceed with account registration.

Minergate access to sign up for an account

– Enter Email, Password and Repeat password
– Click “I agree …” and “I’m not a robot”
– Choose the command “Signup & Start Mining”

Step 2: Download Ethereum mining tool under a compatible operating system such as Windows or Mac.

Instructions for mining Ethereum with Minergate

Choose the version that matches your computer’s operating system and click the “download” box right next to it

Then, proceed with the installation as you would with any other software.

Step 3: Open the software and start mining

– Enter the email and password of the account
– Click “Login In & Start Mining”

Open the software and log in Minergate

Step 4: Proceed to dig
Click the Miner tab
– Choose Ethereum coin
– Choose the multiplier you want to dig
Ethereum mining operator with Minergate

– Click on “Start CPU Mining” and wait about 5 minutes to start the program.

Information about Ethereum mining hardware

– Main: Should choose main 5 or 6 PCI-E slots with popular types such as Biostar TB 85, ​​Z270, Biostar TB 250, Biostar H81 Hifi, Asrock H81 Pro BTC motherboard, …

– CPU: Due to only digging with VGA, the CPU does not affect the mining performance, you just need to use the CPU to support the main series. The Celeron G 3250 or G1840 series both help save money.

– HDD, SSD: HDD only needs to have enough space to install win. If you have financial conditions and want to save electricity, then SSD is the best choice.

– RAM: To dig ETH, it is required to use 4G RAM, the price range is 680,000 VND.

– VGA (GPU): The best ETH mining lines you can refer to are RX 480, RX 470, RX 580, RX 570. If you want to try mining, you only need to buy 1-2 VGA, if you want to mine money , at least buy 6 VGA.

– Source (PSU): The source is very important for your operation mining machine ETH. With 6 VGA, the source must be 1000W or more, the Cooler Master 1000W could be a good choice.

Information about software

– Windows operating system: For the miner to run stably, you should install Windows 10 with full drivers and teamview for remote monitoring. In particular, you must turn off all Win effects, leave Clasic, turn off all security, update and set Power Option to High performance and set the BIOS to start automatically when there is power.

– Software Tools plow: Should use Ethereum Claymore mining tool just Mining 2 lines of Ethereum and the standard Decred tool. The latest version of Claymore Tool was updated in early 2018 with many changes such as remote management solution, support for Cuda 9.1, a bit of patching of the code system, support for plowing more coins … ..

– Wallet: You need to create an Ethereum wallet to hold the ETH mined. To withdraw money to your wallet, go to Tab Wallet and enter your wallet and withdraw address, on the web, go to the Dashboard menu to withdraw.

To know how much ETH you dig a day, visit

This article provides all information on how to mine ETH with Minergate and important suggestions for mining facilities. Hope you can think about and decide which mining rig will work best for you. Good luck!

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