Metaverse “virtual” land sales are forecast to reach 5 billion USD by 2026

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2022-07-28 07:41:40

Technavio predicts that the real estate market of the metaverse world will surpass $5 billion by 2026.

The metaverse market value grows exponentially

The metaverse market value grows exponentially

Report from global research company Technavio, predicts that by 2026, the metaverse market value will reach 5 billion USD. Details include two different factors that are the main driving force of development.

First, the metaverse will gradually move towards a real experience, bringing more value to the platform – where customers can access and enjoy in different ways.

The second reason, comes from the volatility of cryptocurrencies. This makes this type of property more accessible and easier to buy for sale or rent, allowing anyone to collect.

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Market Challenges and Regional Leaders

Market Challenges and Regional Leaders
Market Challenges and Regional Leaders

However, not all is a “pink” for those who venture into the real estate market on the metaverse. This is one of the most important parts of finding your place, because “virtual land” is very different from any other product. Each “virtual land” will come with an attribute value, which depends on a number of different factors, in each case.

The price of “virtual land” does not follow the pricing model of the physical world. Therefore, the value of digital assets, of all kinds, will essentially depend on how buyers “perceive” the price, leading to volatility.

These fluctuations can negatively impact the investments of companies and users interested in participating in these nascent tools. Much of the increase will come from investors and companies in North America, as the region accounts for 41% of investments made during the specified period, also a result of the high adoption of The app includes metaverse technology.

Another report published in February 2021 estimates that supermarket property sales will reach 1 billion USD in the year 2022.

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