Many Pixel 6a users report problems with the fingerprint sensor that allows anyone to unlock the device

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2022-08-03 13:51:42

(CHK) Pixel 6a continues to be complained by many users globally because the fingerprint sensor error under the lock screen makes it easy for any fingerprint to unlock the screen.

The in-display fingerprint sensor of the Pixel 6 series is much improved on Android 13. When the Pixel 6a was launched last week, many people noticed a slight improvement in the fingerprint sensor under the screen of the mid-range smartphone. compared to the fingerprint sensor found on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The reason is because Google has used a new source for the biometric reader of the Pixel 6a.

However, many users have reported having trouble with security. The fingerprint sensor on some Pixel 6a phones will allow anyone, not the owner, to unlock the device.

Initially, the problem was detected only on 2 Pixel 6a phones in India, but now the number of such complaints has increased. Not all users have the same problem. For example, user Minascorner can unlock Pixel 6a with a fingerprint from a finger he did not register:

I scanned both of my thumbs so I can unlock the phone with my right or left hand. However, when I accidentally use my index finger to tap the little fingerprint icon on the lock screen and it still automatically unlocks“.

Another said that his wife was able to unlock his phone even though he only registered his fingerprint on the device. And even though he only registered his thumb, the other fingers still unlocked normally.

There’s a potential solution according to one Pixel 6a user who fixed this problem: Delete all saved fingerprints and re-register the fingerprints again. If you own a Pixel 6a and are experiencing the same error then try this and see if it makes the error go away.

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