Latest Honda Lead price in August 2022: Unbelievable difference at the dealer after the price of Honda SH 150i 2021

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2022-08-03 19:54:42

(CHK) The latest price list of Honda Lead cars in August 2022 is still unbelievable at the dealer.

At the beginning of August, the price of Honda Lead 2022 is still unbelievable at the dealer. Refer to the latest Honda Lead car price list in August 2022:

Price of Honda Lead 2022 Suggested price

Paper bag dealer price

Lead car price 2022 Standard version without Smartkey (Red, White) 39,066,000 won 52,000,000 won
Lead 2022 car price Smartkey Premium version (Blue, Gray, Red, White) 41,226,000 won 54,000,000 won
Lead car price 2022 Special edition Smartkey (Black, Silver) 42,306,000 won 56,000,000 won

The above price list is for reference only, customers should contact the nearest dealer for more details.

Honda Lead 2022 is one of the best-selling scooter models in the Vietnamese market when it has a neutral and modern appearance with a front mask with a unique pointed V symbol, combined with LED positioning lights, The rear of the car has a more beautiful LED taillight, the weight of the car is about 112 kg, suitable for all customers.

Vehicle dimensions length x width x height are 1,844 x 680 x 1,130 mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 1,273 mm and a weight of 113 kg, a seat height of 760 mm and a ground clearance of 138 mm.

The manufacturer has equipped the smartkey car, the trunk is 37 liters wide under the seat for customers to store comfortably, the fuel tank reaches the front of the car for easy operation, the instrument cluster displays detailed parameters, the footrest floor Spacious, comfortable saddle,…

Powering the Honda Lead 2022 is the eSP PGM-Fi 125 cc engine block with a capacity of 7.9 kW at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 11.4 Nm at 5,500 rpm. This is not only capable of smooth and durable operation but also effective fuel economy.

The PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system on the new Honda Lead 2022 helps to intelligently calculate the amount of gas and fuel needed for the engine according to different moving terrains to help the car save fuel and be durable on every stage. Street. Helps optimally control the ignition timing and supply the right amount of fuel to the engine’s operating condition, saving fuel and contributing to reducing emissions to the environment.

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