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2021-07-01 04:04:14

What is KSM Starter (KST)?

KSM Starter is an IDO platform on the Kusama network that aims to help projects connect to the community to raise capital.

KSM Starter is built to help launch promising projects and introduce them into the Kusama ecosystem. KSM Starter does not claim to be affiliated or officially partnered with Kusama Network in any way.

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KSM Starter What problem does it solve?

  • Most Launchpads on Ethereum, BSC but lack Launchpad can raise capital for promising projects. Also creating a bridge for projects building on one of the undervalued blockchains: Kusama, built on Substrate.
  • Most Launchpads come out late. Difficult listing process for new projects, high gas fees and no post-IDO support of projects.

How the project solves the problem

  • KSM Starter targets an emerging ecosystem, the Kusama Network.
  • The Tier system is fair and transparent.
  • Join seamlessly through the community voting and public registration form.
  • Long-term support by incentivizing the community to hold IDO Tokens and through ecosystem council projects.

KST Tokenomics

Key Metrics

Project Name KSM Starter
Ticker KST
Blockchain Updating…
Token Standard Updating…
Contract Updating…
Token type Utility, Governance
Total Supply 60,000,000 KST

Token Allocation

  • Team Dev: 5%, 3,000,000 KST
  • Marketing Development: 15%, 9,000,000 KST
  • Treasury: 10%, 6,000,000 KST
  • Advisors: 4.5%, 2,700,000 KST
  • Seed Sale: 8.5%, 5,100,000 KST
  • private: 33.5%. 20,100,000 KST
  • Public Sale: 3%, 1,800,000 KST
  • Float Liquidity: 2%, 1,200,000 KST
  • Community Incentives: 18.5%. 11,100,000 KST

Token Release Schedule

  • Team Dev: Lock 12 months, then pay 20% quarterly.
  • Marketing Development: Lock for 1 month, allocate 10% every quarter.
  • Treasury: 10% TGE, then pay 10% per month.
  • Advisors: Lock for 6 months, then pay 10% per month.
  • Seed Sale: TGE 10%, then pay 10% monthly from 2nd month.
  • private: TGE 10%, then pay 10% monthly from 2nd month.
  • Public Sale: TGE 40%, then pay 10% monthly from 2nd month.
  • Float Liquidity: No lock.
  • Community Incentives: TGE 10%, then pay 10% monthly from 2nd month.

Token Sale

  • Seed sale price: 0.06 $/KST
  • Private sale price: 0.1 $/KST
  • Public sale price: 0.12 $/KST

Token Use Case

  • Decentralized IDO Option (KST KNOWS): KST Token Holder votes for listed projects via staking mechanism. Projects that meet the minimum requirements to be confirmed to list IDO on KSM Starter. Confirm the allocation corresponding to the number of KST tokens they have staked.
  • Lottery: The lowest level has the opportunity to lottery IDO of projects
  • Interest rate commitment
  • Auto Invest: Automatic registration for upcoming IDOs

How to earn/buy tokens?


KST Token storage wallet?


Assess the potential of KSM Starter (KST)

With the above analysis, CHK hopes you have enough information to make the best decision.

KSM Starter Team


Investors & Partnerships

  • UNION: UNION will provide smart contract protection for all IDO projects built on Substrate launched on KSM Starter and Sanctum will check the smart contracts of each project…
  • Netvrk: KSM Starter will have a virtual headquarters in the Netvrk metaverse, which will fully showcase its latest projects and upcoming launches in a visually rich and engaging environment…


Daomaker, Polka Starter, CardStarter, PolyStarter, Coinlist, Solstarter

ksm starter competitor

Market Opportunity

Similar to the fundraising platforms of other ecosystems, KST starter is expected to attract project development dev teams as well as investors on the KSM network.


2nd quarter of 2021

  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Event
  • Listing the exchange

3rd quarter of 2021

  • Launch Platform
  • KSM Starter IDO
  • Automated Investment Tools
  • Dedicated Allocation
  • KST Fund

Quarter 4 of 2021

  • Smart contract Bridge with Substrate.
  • DAO program
  • Migrate to Substrate chain
  • Multi-chain Sales.

About KSM Starter


This is a starter platform similar to other ecosystem platforms, KST starter deserves the expectation of high returns for investors,

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